What Every Girl Scout Should Treasure: The Fun of Giving Back


By: Yolanda Rabun, Corporate Counsel, IBM

As a professional actor, this past summer I had the pleasure of working with extremely talented Broadway, New York-based, and local professionals and students in the North Carolina Theatre’s production of Mary Poppins. To say my experience was magically whimsical on stage would not be far from the truth! My character, Mrs. Corry, ran a shop where people could buy words and letters for conversation and Mary Poppins, as we all know, would fly with the aid of an umbrella and appear out of thin air quite often!  But what I found to be more magical and gratifying than the fun we had on stage was the tremendous joy and fun I shared with Girl Scouts and their families that toured with me backstage after the show.

I believe the Ancient Greek saying that No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.   It really is true!  A few groups and their families received a special tour of the unique props and larger than life stage furniture stored backstage. Some troops even got to meet Mary Poppins, Bert, and many other characters from the show and get autographs. There were a myriad of emotions! Some Girl Scouts were surprised, in shock, star-struck; others were in awe, inquisitive, and openly grateful. But there was no doubt, between the Girl Scouts, me, and the Mary Poppins cast and crew, we were all having fun!

As a past Girl Scout, I think, along with the Girl Scouts I met on the tours, what we all treasured most about the time spent together was that we were making a real impact on each other’s lives! I was smiling, they were smiling, and the cast and crew were smiling! We were all very happy! That is the power of giving back and possibly, one of the best examples of ourselves we can be for each other. We should always find the fun in giving back and aim to help make someone smile!

What act of kindness have you done that made someone smile?

Yolanda Rabun is an active member in our community and has spent time as a mentor with Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines. We shared Yolanda’s story as it captures why she enjoys volunteering and the positive impact it can have on young girls. Because of women like Yolanda, we are able to provide our girls life-changing opportunities where they learn about how to become active members in their own communities.

You can join Yolanda in support of girls who are changing our world through volunteering or giving. Thank you!

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