100 Years of Girl Scout Cookie History

By: Ga Ming West, Marketing Coordinator


Did you know our first-known sale of cookies by Girl Scouts goes all the way back to 1917? Yes, Girl Scouts were Go-Getters, Innovators, Risk-takers, and Leaders from the very first sale! Fast forward to a century later, and girls across the national are continuing to showcase their leadership and entrepreneurial spirit as part of the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

It all started in 1917 when Girl Scouts in Muskogee, Oklahoma, did what Girl Scouts everywhere always do. They had a great idea, got together, and took action to make it a reality. The girls of Mistletoe Troop hit upon the clever idea to fund their projects by selling cookies they made themselves in their kitchens at home. So simple—and so smart! Other troops took notice and the idea of Girl Scouts selling cookies took off! And the rest, as they say, is history.

For those interested in learning more about 100 years of Girl Scouts selling cookies, here are some of the awesome highlights over the last century!











Wow, so many great things have happened because of Girl Scout Cookies, and we’re looking forward to making the next 100 years even better! You can help the next generation of girls fulfill their dreams and change the world when you purchase a box of Girl Scout Cookies! Find cookies near you today, and fuel a girl’s next adventure!

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