Cookie Rallies


By: Kelly Griffin, Director of Product Sales

The 2017 Girl Scout Cookie Season is less than two weeks away! Share your excitement for the upcoming Cookie Program by participating in your local cookie rally.

What is a cookie rally?

A cookie rally is a fun way to get Girl Scouts together and get everyone pumped up for selling America’s favorite cookies! Each area gets will have its own unique event for a cookie rally. These events can range from sleepover events to campfire s’more making to cookie proms! To learn more about your local cookie rally talk with your service unit team or area cookie coordinator.

What do you do at a cookie rally?

At a cookie rally, there are various activities and fun games for girls to learn all about goal setting, decision making, people skills, money management, and business ethics. These 5 skills not only help girls to be successful during the Cookie Program, but also helps them become confident and successful leaders who make the world a better place!

Whatever your area’s rally plans are, it’s sure to be a fun and informative event. Don’t miss out on your cookie rally! Don’t forget to share your cookie rally fun with us via our story submissions page!

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