Fall Product Program 2016 – Join the Fun!


By Amy Vitale, Product Sales Manager

Ready, set, sell! The Fall Product Program is in full-swing, but there’s still time to get in on all the fun. From limited-edition patches to troop proceeds to reaching goals and building finanal literacy skills – there are so many reason to participate! Sign up here to get started!

For those whose sale is underway, here are some quick tips and trips to help make this your most successful sale yet!

Let your customers know what your troop plans to do with the earned proceeds.

Your friends and family are more excited to support you and your troop when they know what their money is supporting!

Reach out to those customers who supported you last year.

When you register, email addresses of those who supported you last year will be waiting for you to resend! How easy is that?

Remind your customers that the holidays are just around the corner.

Magazines subscriptions, nuts and chocolates make great gifts. Our snowman tin is perfect for a teacher gift!

Don’t forget to share your virtual store on Facebook!

Families that share their Girl Scout’s store with their family and friends on social media generated more sales then those that didn’t.

Print and give out your custom business cards.

You can feature your avatar on your cards and give them to those you can’t reach online like your neighbors, teacher, dentist, or hair dresser. The in-person portion of the Fall Product Program runs through October 23!

Make your goal to sell 4 magazine subscriptions, 20 nuts/chocolates, plus send out 12 email invitations.

You will earn 5 patches plus the awesome avatar patch and be in the running for the special once-in-a-lifetime 100 Years of Selling Girl Scout Cookies avatar patch!

Check your order status online.

Checking to see what you have earned so far helps you to keep track of your goals and see what you could earn to guarantee you get what you want as part of our recognitions and patches!

Get credit for your orders.

Ask your family to help you enter your face-to-face nut and chocolate orders on your virtual order card online so these orders are placed and you get credit for them.

Utilize mobile devices!

Your virtual store is mobile optimized so you can take orders face-to-face online with a smart phone so your customers get their orders faster and you don’t have to collect money or make change!

Ready to start selling? What are some awesome tips and tricks you’ve used to have a great Fall Product Program?

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