3 Reasons to Renew Your Girl Scout Membership

BlueBay13_PB30_1094By Jen Lawrence, Membership Director

As summer is winding down and we all start to hit that back-to-school mode, now is the perfect time to renew your Girl Scout membership! Why should you renew your Girl Scout membership now rather than later you ask? The sooner you renew your girl and adult memberships, the closer you are to new adventures and more fun! Need another reason to renew? I’ve got three!

1. Claim her spot! Troops are forming now!

Back to Troop is a busy season for our troop leaders, volunteers, and staff. Parents can help troop leaders by claiming their girl’s spot in the troop by renewing her membership. This helps leaders prepare for the upcoming year and also determine if they can bring new girls into the troop according to our safety girl to adult ratios.

2. Continue the skill-based learning and fun!

One of the best part of being a Girl Scout is learning new skills and badges alongside troop friends. Whether your girl(s) are interested in exploring STEM or discovering more about who they are and how they can make an impact in the world, we have a great lineup of activities and opportunities this fall.

Additionally, renewing girl members means they are one step closer to being able to participate in our awesome 2016 Fall Product Program, kick off in October, which allows troops to earn quick startup money selling magazines and popular nuts and candies to fund amazing adventures. Plus, we are adding in an exciting new treat to the Fall Product Program– a special s’more mix featuring chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallow in an adorable and reusable Girl Scout mason jar! How delicious is that?

Renewing also allows girls to participate in the 2017 Girl Scout Cookie Program. This year celebrating 100 years of Girl Scouts selling cookies – it’s a celebration you don’t want to miss! My personal favorite part of being a Girl Scout when I was younger was the Cookie Program. I absolutely loved it and it allowed me to grow out of my shell and become more confident in my skills. The great thing is I still the program giving girls the same (and more) opportunities and helping build them into confident leaders

Plus, participating in both sale programs gives girls the chance to earn rewards, recognitions, and even a new super cute custom avatar patch when you participate both the 2016 Fall Product Program and 2017 Girl Scout Cookie Program!

3. Stay Connected with the Volunteer Toolkit

Although it has “volunteer” in the title, the Volunteer Toolkit (VTK) is a great resource for volunteers and parents. Troop leaders can use it to plan meeting and troop activities, track financial reports, and communicate with parents. Parents can use it as a way to stay in touch with the troop, review forms and documents, and see what the troop is planning for the year.

There are so many adventures in Girl Scouting like meeting new friends, trying out new activities, and experiencing why it’s awesome to be a girl! We can’t wait for you to renew your memberships and experience all Girl Scouts has to offer.

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