Why Your Girl Will <3 Girl Scouts

Girl Scout Troop Photo

By Shellie Culler, Recruitment Director

What do Girl Scouts do? This is one of the most frequently asked questions when I am talking to girls and parents interested in signing up for Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts do lots of awesome, fun, and life-changing things…so it can be hard to pick just one answer!

What do Girl Scouts do? They pursue their passions. When asked this question, I always ask girls and parents “What does your girl like to do?” Does your daughter love the outdoors? We’ll get her outside! She can choose any outdoor activity from hiking to archery to camping with her troop – we provide all the resources needed to get her out there! Perhaps your daughter loves being creative. She’ll have the opportunity to explore her artistic talents and participate in fun crafts and swaps! If your girl is fascinated by the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) then she should join us at TechnoQuest, our signature STEM event in November, where she could learn to make slime or test her ability as a meteorologist! What I am trying to say is that Girl Scouts is a girl-led program and Girl Scouts do what girls like to do!

What do Girl Scouts do? They earn as they learn. Questions about Girl Scout Cookies are pretty common too! The sale starts in January, which is why joining a Girl Scout troop in the fall allows your girl time to get settled before the cookies arrive. But here’s the real reason the Girl Scout Cookie sale is not only delicious, but important for girls. The Girl Scout Cookie Sale is a financial literacy program teaching girls how to be fiscally responsible and learning teamwork by setting a troop goal. Girls also learn to hold themselves accountable for their part of the goal, knowing it takes every girl to be successful. At the end of the sale, when the troop meets individual and group goals, they get to reap the rewards! Whether they donate their cookie proceeds to a local children’s hospital, complete a community service project, or enjoy a trip to Great Wolf Lodge, girls learn as they earn.

What do Girl Scouts do? They have a lot of fun! Your daughter will be able to participate in Girl Scouts in lots of different ways and a have a blast while learning important skills. Many girls decide to join a troop, which is a great option! But girls can also participate individually. What? She doesn’t have to be in a troop to be a Girl Scout? That’s right! Your girl can participate as a Juliette (individual) if her schedule doesn’t permit troop meetings. She’ll also be able to attend council-sponsored events and attend summer resident and day camps, too! Pretty cool, right?

Your girl will love Girl Scouts because she will be able to choose her experiences. She will love Girl Scouts because she will be empowered to make decisions about her experience with other girls. And most importantly, your girl will love Girl Scouts because you support her trying new things and enjoy learning with her.

Let’s start the next adventure together! Find a troop using our online catalog, which allows you to search for troops by zip code and mile radius. Or explore what girls do by grade-level on our website. Have additional questions or need a helping hand? Our Customer Care team is here to help via email athelpdesk@nccoastalpines.org or calling 1-800-284-4475. We can’t wait for you and your girl to join us!

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