Give the Gift of Girl Scouting

By Emily Hill, Director of Individual Giving

End of Year Giving 2014

What’s the greatest gift you’re giving this holiday? The one that you’re really excited about? The one you can’t wait to see the look on the recipient’s face when they open it? The one you know will delight them, and give you that awesome feeling that generosity brings?

You know that feeling, right?

It’s a kind of glow – a warm feeling. It’s a smile that stretches from the recipient’s face to yours, and a sparkle that comes out in your eyes. It’s the feeling of making someone’s day – or week – or year.

Donors of Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines know that feeling too!

December is the time of year when many of our generous supporters make their annual contribution to help our programs remain strong and impactful across our 41 central and eastern North Carolina counties. Each year, our donors give to help us deliver Girl Scout programs that have girls take the lead on special projects for their schools and communities, build lasting friendships, explore science and math, experience nature, and gain valuable life skills. They give to help a girl discover her inner strength, passions, and talents all while having fun!

They give the gift of Girl Scouting. Will you join them?

Your support is crucial to keeping Girl Scouting in our community. In addition to providing outreach programs to under resourced girls, financial aid to Girl Scouts in need, and scholarship opportunities for camp and travel adventures, our Council subsidizes the cost of every Girl Scout’s experience. Sales through the Cookie Program help support our Council programs and help Troops earn money for all their adventures, but cookies can’t do it all. We rely on community members like you to invest in our Girl Scouts through donations – donations of time, talent, and resources.

And these generous feelings don’t stop with your donation! Your investment in girls today means they can give back all year long. Take for instance this year’s Daisy Dozen Troops. Whether they are participating in a local beach clean-up, holding canned food drives, volunteering at the animal shelter, or making sleeping mats for the homeless, these girls commit to “giving back” as a vital part of their Girl Scout experience. (I bet these Troops get that feeling of generosity daily!)

So, this December, please give the gift of Girl Scouting by making a tax-deductible contribution to Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines. You can give online, via mail, in any of our Council Shops, or by phone at 800-284-4475.

I know you’ll feel that warm glow when you make your gift to Girl Scouts, and that feeling will be there year long. Because when you see a girl become a leader in her community, remember, your gift helped to get her there!

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