Who is Miranda & What’s the Big Deal?

By: DeBora King, Business Owner & Juliette Liaison, Wake 13

The amazing Girls Scouts who attended the “Lay Down the Law” event at UNC’s Law School in Chapel Hill will tell you that Miranda rights are a very big deal!

Students from UNC’s Women in Law group coached the girls through three interactive, fun sessions about the law:

  • The Mock Trial.  Poor Little Red Riding Hood sued the Big Bad Wolf for eating her Grandma!  Each Girl Scout played a role in this hilarious, but informative trial.  Leaders saw an outstanding performance by girls who portrayed the judge, jurors, prosecutors, defense attorneys, the court clerk, plaintiff and defendant.  The girls learned, through the process of law, why our rights are so important.
  • Characters in the Court House.  Name that legal term! Can you imagine walking around with an unknown legal term taped to your back?  Well, each Girl Scout was charged with giving clues to their partner helping them guess that term.  What a joy seeing girls from different troops working together to help each other succeed.
  • The Bill of Rights. It was the year 2020, and the planet was invaded by aliens who ruled that humans be awarded only five rights. Girl Scouts worked together to identify which rights under the United States Constitution were most important to them.  The girls were so engaged in fighting for their rights that they forgot they were learning about civil liberties!

LayDowntheLaw_10.12 (3)The Women in Law group also shared their career choices in the law program with the girls. They explained that criminal law is not the only avenue to practice law; some had chosen to study agricultural, environmental, and even sports law.

Girl Scouts – NC Coastal Pines is to be commended for offering such successful programs like “Lay Down the Law.”

Thumb through GO! Magazine or visit the Council’s interactive calendar for your next great Girl Scout event.  And don’t forget to share your favorite things about these troop activities!


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