The First Meeting: New Troop Leader Series

By Tiffany H., New Daisy Troop Leader

New Troop LeaderIt’s here — my first day as co-leader of my girlies’ Girl Scout Troop!  Our family now has two Daisies and a Troop Leader under one roof!  I am so excited to start this adventure, but even more excited to be able to share this experience with my girls and my fellow Girl Scout volunteers.

So how did I end up here, as a first-time Troop Leader for Girl Scouts – NC Coastal Pines

My oldest, a fun-loving six-year-old, joined Girl Scouts last year when she started Kindergarten. We were looking for an activity that would let us spend one-on-one time together and bond — Girl Scouts was the perfect solution!

New to Girl Scouts, becoming a volunteer allowed me to attend all the meetings and activities and contribute where and when I could. As I developed relationships with the two troop leaders, I began to assist with snacks and nightly craft projects. I enjoyed helping out and my daughter loved every minute of it!

At the end of the year we found out that one of our leaders was moving away – our troop is military-based, so all of us are either active or retired Army. The co-leader soon approached me and asked if I would be willing to help lead the troop next year. I was a bit shocked. I had never considered becoming a leader.  I told her I needed to think about it.

After thinking on it and talking to my husband, I decided I would love to be the co-leader.  I sat my girlies down and told them both that not only would my youngest be a Daisy this year, but that I would also be one of their leaders!

Fast forward to tonight…our first meeting.

I was so nervous.  In preparation I went to the Girl Scout Shop and got my youngest her “kit”, which includes her Journey Book, Vest, Troop Badges and a cool bag.  I even picked up a t-shirt for myself to help get me in the mood for the night ahead.

First Troop MeetingMy youngest was so excited about getting everything she was singing around the store a song about how she was finally a Daisy!  It just made it that much more special knowing I would be able to share this with both my girlies.

As we gathered for the meeting, I was anxious yet excited.  We started by greeting the girls and the parents.  Next, girls made the poster’s we will use for the year to say the Girl Scout Promise and Law throughout our year ahead.

Guess What? Everything went great, and the most important part is they had fun. I know this year will not be easy and the scheduling may be hectic, but seeing all the girls’ faces tonight I know it will ALL be worth it!

Are you new a Troop Leader? Thinking of joining? Tell me how your first meeting went in the comments below…and feel free to ask ANY questions! We’re all here to help each other! 


6 thoughts on “The First Meeting: New Troop Leader Series

  1. Samantha Hunt says:

    I am a new troop leader in NC Coastal Pines! We are still putting together our first meeting and I have been searching every where on the internet for resources and ideas! I am so glad I found this link on FB; I’m looking forward to following your adventure in hopes to share ideas and make this an awesome year for all of our girls! Thank you so much for dedicating your time!

  2. Teri says:

    I started this year as a co leader and SO glad to have an amazing leader to work with! Great bunch of gals in the troop and we are gonna have a great year!

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