Top 10 Benefits of Being a Girl Scout Volunteer

By: DeBora King, Business Owner & Co-Leader of Wake 13, Troop #683

Volunteer“Why do we volunteer for Girl Scouts?”   Well, it’s not because we have time on our hands.  I slipped into a volunteer role with Girl Scouts just by offering to drive to a camp site.  Soon after, I became a leader and it’s the most rewarding experience I’ve have ever had!

Whether you are thinking about volunteering for Girl Scouts or just need rejuvenation, think about these 10 benefits of being a Girl Scout volunteer.

  1. ratitude. What an enjoyable experience witnessing girls succeed as they explore new heights, build leadership skills, and serve their community!
  2. mprove communication skills. Girl Scout volunteers strengthen their ability to listen (often to many girls at the same time), and they build on oral and written skills while promoting a worthy cause.
  3. esources available. Volunteers have access to a wealth of Information from the Girl Scouts – NC Coastal Pines’ website and their social media outlets.
  4. ifelong friendships. Existing relationships strengthen and new friendships form as volunteers share the same values while working together to empower girls.
  5. haring.  Fellow volunteers sharing ideas among troops is a treasure.  Experienced troops who have created, organized and captured the essence of Girl Scouts are always willing to transfer knowledge.
  6. ommunity ties that bind. Service, aid and outreach can be a gratifying experience.  Supportive networks stem from strong ties to the community.
  7. pen doors.  Nearly 73% of employers would recruit a candidate with volunteering experience over one without.
  8. nity. Girl Scout volunteers from around the world are united.  They learn and grow from each other and celebrate sisterhood together at every opportunity.
  9. raining. From volunteer essentials to CPR and outdoor training, Girl Scouts – NC Coastal Pines help us sharpen existing skills and develop new ones.
  10. upport. Volunteers are cheerleaders in times of triumph and motivators when we need a hand up.  Girl Scout volunteers are family.

My volunteer experience with Girl Scouts has been truly life changing.  How about you?

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