Who Runs the World?

The past two years have been hard for everyone, but women have had it especially rough. Women were more likely than men to stop working during the pandemic and are still more likely to consider quitting or downgrading their work.[i] And recent product shortages like baby formula and sanitary products have been especially challenging for women. We already know women are underrepresented in leadership positions[ii], and these factors will likely set some of their recent gains back, at least in the short term.

I read something fascinating about the women in corporate leadership roles who didn’t leave their jobs during the pandemic. Employees who had female supervisors during the pandemic were more likely to say their boss supported them in getting through 2020.[iii] That shouldn’t be surprising since most Americans view women and men as equally capable of leadership but score women higher on many leadership traits, including honesty, compromise, and improving quality of life.[iv] Having women in leadership positions enhances outcomes from profitability to longer-lasting peace agreements.[v] Women are also more likely than men to prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion.[vi]

Well, I can tell you what Girl Scouts is doing about it.

Girl Scouts is the preeminent leadership development organization for girls, with a research-proven program that helps them cultivate critical skills they need to take the lead in their own lives and the world.

Girl Scouts have higher results than non-Girl Scouts in five key outcomes:

  • 81% have confidence in themselves
  • 73% act ethically, honestly, and responsibly
  • 57% try things even if they might fail
  • 56% develop and maintain healthy relationships
  • 51% desire to contribute to the world [vii]

Additionally, the impact of Girl Scouting lasts a lifetime. Girl Scout alumni:

The facts are clear. The world needs more women leaders, and Girl Scouts sets girls on a path to leadership. At least one answer to the question of how to get more women in leadership seems to be: get them into Girl Scouting.

Girl Scouts deserve solid and successful futures, and our Building Beyond Tomorrow campaign, launching today, makes that possible. The campaign will raise the funds our council needs to continue providing our members the support they need to take themselves to the next level. Your contributions will also ensure that we can provide financial assistance to anyone who needs it and reach the youth who who need Girl Scouting most through Community Engagement Programs.

I hope you’ll join us by donating today. With your help, our Girl Scouts will take it to the next level and make the world a better place.

Lee O’Connell is the Fund Development Manager at Girl Scouts-North Carolina Coastal Pines.

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