Make the Girl Scout Tree Promise

This April, in honor of Earth Day, Girl Scouts is joining forces with the Elliott Wildlife Values Project and American Forests to launch a bold tree-planting initiative. We’re setting out to plant, protect and honor 5 million trees across the country in five years. Not only is this great for wildlife, it’ll also help ease the effects of climate change. That’s BIG!

For the initiative, Girl Scout councils will partner with local schools and businesses and environmental, government and faith-based groups to coordinate planting events nationwide. There’s more: everyone who plants a tree can record their good deed through our online tree tracker. Participants will also be able to unlock a special Tree Promise patch that they can wear with pride. 

Unlock the Tree Promise patch!

  1. Take the Girl Scout Tree Promise and plant, protect, or honor trees!
  2. Record the trees you plant in the online tree tracker.
  3. Visit the Girl Scout Shop for your Girl Scout Tree Promise patch

Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines is hosting a Terrific Trees event Saturday, April 24 from 1:00-4:00pm at Camp Mu-Sha-Ni where Girl Scouts of all ages, volunteers, and parents will learn about the longleaf pine ecosystem, prescribed fires, tree-related careers, and more from the experts. Girls will participate in fun activities and will even get to plant their own tree! April is Volunteer Appreciation Month, so attendees can even plant a tree in honor of their tree-ific volunteers. Register by April 13th!

Girl Scout troops can learn more about how to protect and honor trees by using our Girl Scout Tree Promise Toolkit. Be sure to invite your friends and family to join the effort and be the change with us―everyone is welcome!

Get started planting, protecting, and honoring the trees in your community today by visiting our Tree Promise page!

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