2020 Council Scholarship Recipients

The experiences Girl Scouts have can speak volumes on college applications and scholarships. This is why we are proud to support and recognize the achievements of outstanding Girl Scouts through multiple scholarship opportunities for girls in our council footprint. Join us in congratulating our 2020 scholarship winners: Caraline M., Trinity G., Amelia T, and Elena K., and check out our Q&A to learn more about how they are making their dreams come true and their experiences with Girl Scouts.

Misty Crabtree Eastham Scholarship

Misty was a lifelong Girl Scout who overcame the adversity of living in the foster care system through her drive and determination. Her scholarship foundation recognizes and rewards Girl Scouts with these same qualities.

Caraline M.

How does it feel to be a Girl Scout scholarship recipient?  

I do not think there are words to describe just how amazing it feels to be a Girl Scout scholarship recipient! I owe much of who I am today to all the awesome experiences I gained through Girl Scouting. It is truly indescribable to explain how much it means to me to receive a scholarship from an organization I love so much for all the personal growth and knowledge it has instilled in me. I am immensely thankful and overjoyed at this opportunity to continue furthering my education. 

What did you do for your Gold Award project?  

For my Gold Award project, I created my own human trafficking lesson plan that I taught to youth and adults residing in Harnett and Cumberland counties. My lesson plan used information I gathered from experts on the topic of modern slavery, such as the forensic pediatrician Dr. Sharon Cooper. North Carolina is one of the top ten states in America for human trafficking prevalence, so I felt it was immensely important that members of my community learn the dangers of it, and what precautions we should take to keep each other safe. 

What is your plan for the future?  

 My plan for the future is to become a psychologist. My years volunteering and serving my community as a Girl Scout has really inspired me to continue doing that. As a psychologist, I hope to use my knowledge to better the scientific community and my hometown of Dunn, North Carolina. I also wish to use the upcoming years as time to continue being an advocate and an example of how impactful years of goal setting, skill learning, and friendship making can be on a young girl!  

Trinity G.

How many years have you been a Girl Scout? 

I have been a girl scout for seven years, with my first year being in Northwest Ohio, and the remaining six years with North Carolina Coastal Pines. 

What did you do for your Gold Award project? 

My Gold Award project focused on child abuse.  Tragically, child abuse is prevalent in our society, yet not enough is being said about it.  Therefore, the title of my Gold Award project was called, “Child Abuse: Ending the Silence.”  My Gold Award project had two parts to it.  The first part is where I conducted two presentations for the community discussing various ways to identify and report suspected child abuse.  To supplement my presentations, I had a police officer and Guardian ad Litem present to discuss their roles in protecting a child that has been abused.  The second part of my project was that I held two collection drives for much-needed items for children in foster care. 

Why do you think other girls should join Girl Scouts? 

Girl Scouts is an amazing organization.  Girls should join Girl Scouts because they provide many opportunities to learn about careers and to gain skills that they may not know they have, and these skills would carry throughout their lives.  The experiences gained from Girl Scouts can open up many doors that would not, otherwise, be open. 

Gladys Marion Scholarship Endowment

Created by a lifetime Girl Scout member and volunteer, the Gladys Marion Scholarship, is offered for high school seniors primarily residing in Brunswick, New Hanover, or Pender County, who have demonstrated significant leadership as members of Girl Scouts through earning their Girl Scout Gold Award or equivalent participation in leadership programs.

Amelia T.

How many years have you been a Girl Scout? 

I have been a Girl Scout for thirteen years, and am now a lifetime member.

How does it feel to be a Girl Scout scholarship recipient?

It feels especially empowering to be selected as a Girl Scout scholarship recipient. I have been so inspired by the lives of the other recipients, and to be chosen amongst them is such an honor. Receiving the Gladys Marion scholarship has excited me about all the wonderful opportunities that lay ahead. 

What leadership opportunities have you pursued as a Girl Scout?

Throughout my years as a Girl Scout, I have participated in First Aid and CPR training, Babysitting training, Program Aide opportunities, and CIT Program. I have served several years on my service unit’s Camporee Committee and earned my Bronze and Silver Awards. The variety of leadership opportunities made available to me through Girl Scouting have strengthened many aspects of my abilities. 

Jane S. Barringer Award 

Jane S. Barringer, AKA Mrs. “B”, has been an inspiration to Girl Scouts in our council for 50 years! As a teen advisor she has offered girls different perspectives and opportunities to make a difference. This award is open to Gold Award Girl Scouts Who are high school seniors or adult professionals pursuing further education or skill development.

Elena K.

How many years have you been a Girl Scout? 

I have been a Girl Scout for 12 years and now I am a Lifetime Member. 

What did you do for your Gold Award project? 

I created and installed two different resources, the Book Nook and the Creative Writing Workshop, at Leesville Road Middle School to foster a love of reading and writing in teenagers. The Book Nook is a bookcase located in the school’s cafeteria filled with over 130 books that the students are able to borrow, trade, and donate to at their leisure without any fees, fines, or deadlines attached. For the Creative Writing Workshop portion of my project, I created 21 fun yet educational writing activities along with 140 prompt cards. I taught the Creative Writing Workshop to both a 7th grade class and an 8th grade class at the middle school. The workshop activities and prompts are preserved in two binders housed in the Media Center for both teachers and students to check out for use. I hope the students will view writing and reading as pleasurable pursuits and that their writing and literary skills will improve as a result. 

What is your plan for the future?

I am attending NC State to pursue a degree in Conservation Biology. I am going to minor in both Forestry and Creative Writing, and I will also be a part of the University Scholars Program. Right now, my plan is to graduate in 3 1/2 years and thru-hike the Appalachian Trail afterwards. I will likely attend grad school. 

Are you a go-getter with BIG aspirations like these awesome young women? Check out our scholarship opportunities here.

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