Raising Awesome Girls This Summer

Summer is in full swing, and we know that as a parent or caregiver, this means that you are probably spending more time with your G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader) than any other time of year. This makes it the perfect time to support her as she learns about herself and the world around her outside the classroom… discovering new skills and passions in ways like never before!

At Girl Scouts, we are committed to assisting parents and caregivers in raising girls to feel happy and loved with the confidence they need to be independent and speak their minds. Our Raising Awesome Girls initiative provides tips and tricks to raise your Girl Scout to be the kind of leader your family, her school, and your whole community can look up to. Check out the articles below for amazing strategies to help her unleash her inner G.I.R.L. this summer!

Help Her Land a Summer Job

First jobs can be exciting and fun, but the process of landing one can be intimidating! This article provides tips on helping her identify potential jobs, write a resume, learn to network, and more!


Riding a Bike Can Change Her Life

Summer time is the best time to get outdoors, and learning to ride a bike is an awesome way to do so! The experience of riding a bike is so much more than a fun form of exercise. When girls learn to bike ride, they learn the benefit of falling down and getting back up again. In teaching her this, you are helping her to become resilient and strong.


Ways to Prevent Summer Slide

Are you nervous that in the light of all the summer fun, your girl might fall back academically? We are here to help! In this article, we provide seven fun ways that she can expand her horizons and learn in new ways during summer break!

img (1)

The Glory of a Skinned Knee

While safety is always a top priority when raising awesome girls (especially in the summer!), sometimes, a little thing like a skinned knee can make a big impact for the good! Check out our four reasons that parents should encourage girls to take smart risks despite potential for failure this summer.

img (2)

As the largest leadership development organization for girls in the United States, we’re proud to be a thought leader for all parents raising up the next generation of girls and young women. For more tips and tricks on raising incredible girls, visit our website and sign up for our monthly newsletter!

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