It’s Financial Literacy Month!

Ever wonder how the Girl Scout Cookie Program became the largest girl-led business in the world? The cookies are sweet, but the money management and entrepreneurial skills gained by girls are even sweeter! Over the past 102 years of selling cookies, Girl Scouts have practiced their financial literacy skills and have mastered the ability to reach their goals for the program and for themselves.

According to the Girl Scout Research Institute, 90% of girls say that it is important for them to learn to manage money. The Girl Scout Cookie Program, along with awesome Financial Literacy badges and program events, give girls the skills they need to build a foundation in understanding their finances.

Happy Financial Literacy Month, Girl Scouts! Keep reading to see what Girl Scouts say about the impact of the Girl Scout Leadership program on their money management skills.


“I enjoy the Cookie Program because you get to spend time with your friends at booths, learn about money and math skills and you also learn a lot about leadership and independence.”

-Lexi, Girl Scout Junior, Wake County

“I love cookie sales! I love cookie sales because I get a chance to be an adult and be a business woman. ”

-Zoria, Girl Scout Junior, Durham County

“I enjoy the Cookie Program because it teaches me a lot of communication skills, money management skills, and I become a better business woman. I also find it fun to set a goal with my troop and achieve it together.”

-Loreta, Girl Scout Cadette, Cumberland County

“I like participating in the Cookie Sales Program because it gives me an opportunity to work on leadership skills and helping younger girls learn important life skills they can use int the future.”

-Lauryn, Girl Scout Cadette, Wake County

“My whole life, I’ve wanted to be an entrepreneur.  Girl Scouts and cookie sales help me with that.  How so, you may ask?  Because I learned to have teamwork and work with my fellow girl scouts.”

-Lily, Girl Scout Cadette, Orange County

“The cookie program is really fun mainly because you get to meet new people and have fun challenging yourself and developing life skills like money-management, and advertising.”

-Rachel, Girl Scout Cadette, Harnett County

“I was top cookie seller for the Havelock Service unit two years in a row. I am using the money this year to achieve my goal of international travel to Belize. Cookies can and will get you places you want to be.”

-Mycala, Girl Scout Senior, Craven County

“The Cookie Program and the Fall Product Program are my favorite as it helps teach about money and my least favorite subject math. I also get to promote whats cool about girl scouts and of course the prizes I can win.”

-Sara, Girl Scout Junior, Cumberland County

“I am part of the High Achievers Club for selling 5000+ boxes of cookies. By selling cookies I have learned how to set goals, prioritize, and connected with my community.”

-Ryanne, Girl Scout Ambassador, Wake County


Learn more about Girl Scouts and financial literacy by visiting our website!

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