Back to School is a Breeze with Girl Scouts!


School is almost back in session – and with it comes along all kinds of new and exciting challenges! New material to learn, clubs to join, new friends to meet and so much more happening everyday – it can be overwhelming for girls and their parents alike. But with Girl Scouts the mountains of school are just molehills, here are three ways that Girl Scouts helps give your girl the confidence she needs heading back into school.


1. Healthy Relationship Skills

By being a part of Girl Scouts, girls gain friendships to last a lifetime! Friendships forged with the Girl Scouts also help girls learn how to communicate their thoughts and feelings effectively; skills that will help her both inside and outside of the classroom. As a bonus, your girl can walk into the school year confident in the fact that regardless of who her classmates are, or what challenges she may face during the year – she will always have the love and support of her friends from her troop!


2. Speaking Up

Girl Scouts grow in courage, confidence, and character to help make the world a better place! Your girl is a leader! She stands up for what she believes in, raises her hand when she has something to say, and seizes opportunities to help others! By learning her own strength and power as a leader outside of the classroom, in a safe, beneficial all-girl environment, your girl may find it easier to speak up in class!


3. Learning is Fun

Who hasn’t heard of how stressful school is today – for kids and parents alike? With new changes happening in education every day, it can be overwhelming. Participating in Girl Scouts guarantees that your girl will have an activity that allows her to experience new adventures while having fun! She’ll learn that learning can be taken far outside of the classroom by earning Girl Scout badges and completing Girl Scout Journeys. Participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program will help her to gain important financial literacy skills as she participates in the largest girl-run business in the world! But most importantly, she’ll learn to love learning inside and outside of the classroom!

Can’t wait to get started? Visit our website to learn more about how you can get involved with a troop in your area at!

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