Leaving a Green Legacy

By Lisa Conklin Strickland, Girl Scout Volunteer and Juliette Gordon Low Society Member


A lifetime member of Girl Scouts, Lisa Strickland of Brunswick County, is one of the newest members of our Juliette Gordon Low Society to join the Movement-wide Planned Giving Challenge. We asked her about her background and why she chose to join the Society with her planned gift.

Q: How did you first come across Girl Scouts?

A: I joined the Girl Scouts in Scotland County, which at that time they started at the Brownie level. This was the only level of Girl Scouts I was able to attend.

I had three older brothers, which meant my mother and father were Boy Scout Den parents and the family were heavy into Boy Scouts. Being the only girl and the baby, the boys soon grew tired of Boy Scouts, the only other organization in the area at the time was 4-H. So I tried my hand at that instead. I achieved many levels, and badges until my high school graduation.

Q: How did you end up back involved with Girl Scouts with so brief an experience as a child?

A: After completing my second degree at Brunswick Community College my husband and I had our second child, a daughter. Tiffanie is my diamond in the rough. She continued to lead me by my nose, and back into the Girl Scout organization. She was a member of Girl Scouts from kindergarten all the way until her high school graduation. Although she completed that chapter of her life long ago, I remained a leader for the young girls in the Ash area for some time.

Q: How do you still contribute to Girl Scouts?

A: Eventually the troop leader in me stopped, and I started teaching the adults. I participated through training, in multiple service unit roles, and where ever there was a need. Now in my retirement, I’m fully considering moving into employment with this great organization! I have decided in my legacy to leave a little piece of me to help others along their Girl Scout journey.

Q: Why does Girl Scouts mean so much to you?

A: If I can help one more girl to see her potential that will be my HOPE and DREAM!

My preacher said one time he bled red, white and blue because he served a great country as a navy seal. I feel that I serve a GREAT organization with the Girl Scouts so yes, I bleed GREEN!!!

The Juliette Gordon Low Society honors friends who chose to make Girl Scouts a part of their legacy as a beneficiary of their estate plans. In 2017, Girl Scouts of the USA announced a Planned Gift Challenge that could result in over $2 million in support for our Movement – and which contains $14,000 for Girl Scouts – NC Coastal Pines – unprecedented in our history! To learn more about how to say YES to a planned gift, visit us online or contact Alison T. DeCinti via email at adecinti@nccoastalpines.org or at 919-600-6309.



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