The Journey into STEM and Beyond!

77% of girls say they’re considering a career in technology because of the Girl Scouts! So how do you blast off into the beginning of your STEM adventure? We’ve got you covered! From designing your own robot to jumping into the world of a programmer or citizen scientist – there’s no end to all the fun ways you can explore STEM!

Girl Scouts never stop learning, and innovation is in their DNA! Engineering design challenges, solving programming problems, and putting the scientific method to work in a citizen science project is music to our G.I.R.L.s’ ears! That’s why we’ve created three new STEM journeys for you to launch into!

Engineering: Think Like an Engineer

engineerGirl Scouts know that periodically challenging themselves to reach for new heights is a guaranteed way to grow and learn! Jumping into this journey allows girls to discover how to think like an engineer as they participate in hands-on engineering design challenges and complete a Take Action project.




Computer Science: Think Like a Programmer

programmerDesigning, writing, testing, troubleshooting – Programmers do a lot to make code work! Embarking on this journey gives girls the opportunity to participate in interactive computational-thinking activities and learn how programmers solve problems! Girls will also complete a Take Action project.




Outdoor STEM: Think Like a Citizen Scientist

citizen scientistHelp contribute to scientific research by undertaking a citizen science project based journey! Girls will practice the scientific method as they make observations, collect data, and work with scientists who provide feedback on research and findings. The girls will also complete a Take Action project.




The fun doesn’t stop there, Girl Scouts! Please welcome our two new Engineering badges on your venture into STEM!

Engineering | Robotics

Are you nuts and bolts about robots? Then we’ve got the badge for you, Girl Scout! While earning their Robotics badge, girls will learn how robots are built and programmed before designing their own! “Unplugged” activities allow girls to earn badges without buying kits.

Engineering | Mechanical Engineering

Have you ever wondered how exactly a roller coaster works? Look no further, Girl Scouts! While earning their Mechanical Engineering badge, girls complete hands-on engineering activities, such as building and testing roller coasters, race cars, and gliders!


Need just a little more STEM in your life? High school girls can check out a series that shows you where a science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) career can take you! The Imagine Your STEM Future series shows you just that! Imagine having a career that allowed you to be creative, active and well paid – AND it empowered you to make the world a better place! Finding new ways to turn waves into clean energy? Creating an alternate universe that could be used to show people how to treat our planet better? Designing a new public park in an old and unused space? Girl Scouts can make anything possible, and the Imagine Your STEM Future, a career-and-future-development series can help you gain the knowledge to start your future in a STEM career!

Visit our website to sign up for upcoming Girl Scout STEM events near you!




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