Cookie Program 2018: A New and Exciting Program Ahead!

Stand Up Stand Out! The 2018 Cookie Program will be out most exciting ever with Ella the Elephant leading the way! The 2018 sale brings new and exciting features to this year’s program and promises to be the easiest Cookie Program ever! So, what’s new and exciting?


Our new and yummy S’mores Cookie was a massive hit last year and is returning to our 2018 cookie lineup! This graham based cookie coated in a vanilla marsh mellow like icing and then dipped in chocolate is delicious! Customers can’t wait to get more of them!


No more paper forms to fill out and get to your troop leader or cookie coordinator. Use our new online permission form and it submits straight to your troop’s leader or cookie coordinator! Easy, fast and convenient! You can find the online form on our council’s website ( on the Cookies+ page and on the Forms page.


Our bakery has partnered with IBM and developed a brand new, high tech web platform that is replacing Snap and COCOdirect this year! Smart Cookies is complete and is promising to be more user friendly, advanced and capable of doing much more than Snap, while keeping it simple and intuitive! Parents have a view into their daughter’s overall sales too! We can’t wait!


Buying Online is better than ever this year with the new Smart Cookies Direct platform! Customers can order and pay for their cookies completely online and have them shipped directly to their door just like in the past. A few tweaks have made it even better this year. There is NO minimum order! Customers can now order as few or as many cookies as they want and have them shipped to their door! No more ordering 6 or 12 of one variety or and 8 pack sampler. Want 1 box of Thin Mints and 1 box of Carmel deLites? You can get it! We are sure this will help boost your sales tremendously!


Operation Cookie Drop (OCD) can boost your sales!: Help your troop earn more proceeds and boost your sales while helping our council reach our goal of 1 million overall packages donated by collecting donations for OCD. We have many new promotions and contests around our Operation Cookie Drop goal this year.


Few customers carry cash anymore. Increase your Girl Scout’s cookie sales by accepting credit cards! The option to accept credit cards is open to ALL troops and there are NO FEES charged to troops. It’s free! Ask your Troop Leader or Troop Cookie Coordinator about taking credit card payments.

Our exciting Cookie Program begins January 13th at 9am! Whether you are returning to or new to the Cookie Program, join the fun in January and be amazed how quickly and easily your troop can earn proceeds and Girl Scouts can earn awesome recognitions.


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