Troop Perspective: Why Girls are Thankful for the Impact of Girl Scouting


By: Girl Scout Troop #3437 and Co-Leader, Marsha Beasley

Girl Scouts was founded as an organization that makes girls’ visions a reality by helping them discover their strengths, passions, and talents. Every day across the state of North Carolina, we work to give girls a chance to connect and collaborate while taking action to make the world a better place.

We recently share Girl Scout member Joy Chafin’s story about how her experience with Girl Scouts and how the experience made a huge and positive impact on her life. Now it’s time to hear from our girls! Girl Scout Cadette Troop #3437 shared why they are thankful for Girl Scouting and the amazing opportunities they’ve been able to experience through our program!

“It’s fun, and we get to bond and become better friends with sister Girl Scouts.”
– Olivia B.

“I have a good troop to do lots of things for the homeless.”
– Lia K.

“It helps teach us how to be a leader and role model, and it also helps us socialize with other girls.”
– Payten S.

“My friends show me how to be kind, brave, resourceful, funny, awesome, and good willed every day. They are my happiness.”
– Ashley K.

“I get to meet new people every day and they push me out of my comfort zone.”
– Olivia H.

“We help feed the hungry and volunteer at super cool places.”
– Mary T.

“I get to go many places and make many friends.”
– Hannah W.

With Girl Scouts, you’ll do more than you ever thought you could, dream bigger dreams than you ever imagined – and make them a reality! Is your girl ready to take on her next adventure? Follow the fun and join Girl Scouts today!

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