Cookie Sales Go Digital!

By Krista Park, Communications & PR Director

This year, the largest girl-led business in the world is getting BIGGER! Digital Cookie has arrived! With this exciting new expansion of the Girl Scout Cookie Program, girls will now be able to sell cookies in a virtual space.

Digital Cookie elevates all elements of the Girl Scout Cookie Program into the digital sphere, expanding the reach of a girl’s cookie business, enhancing her learning experience, and maintaining her personal connection with customers. Girls will learn about the world of e-commerce and digital money management while gaining the same values, ideals, and core skills that the traditional face-to-face program offers.

Utilizing the online COCO Cookie Command Center, Girl Scouts can create a customized, web-based business center to set and track goals, manage cookie activities online, and accept orders through the new COCOdirect platform. Girls will be able to send an eCard to friends and family that includes a secure link for online orders, making it easier than ever to be a part of the world’s largest girl-led business.

For sales made through COCOdirect, there’s NO money collection and NO hand delivery! Customers who buy cookies online will be able to have their order processed, paid for, and confirmed right in front of their eyes. They will be able to choose form a variety of packaging sizes including an eight-pack sampler, a half dozen, or a dozen of any one variety. And for a limited time only, customers will be able to order this year’s new Gluten-free Trios Cookie.

The best part, Digital Cookie is easy for girls to use. COCO is a great tool to support Girl Scouts and their leadership development. Encourage your Girl Scout to set up an account in COCO this year. She’ll be excited to set her goals, track her progress, and cheer along her troop online. Take a tour of COCO with your Girl Scout today!

And for those girls and troops on-the-go, download the COCOmobile app to use COCOdirect on your smartphone or tablet. Send e-cards and check orders from anywhere this cookie season!

Girl Scouts – NC Coastal Pines’ 2015 Cookie Sale program kicks off on Saturday, January 17 and runs through Sunday, March 1. Visit our Cookies page to learn more about this year’s sale. 

What Girl Scout Cookie you are most excited to buy online this year?



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