3 Tips for Completing Your Girl Scout Gold Award Proposal

By Ami P., GSNCCP Girl Board Member 

Hi again! I hope you’ve all enjoyed the Girl Scout Girl Board blog series. We’ve been having a blast!

Screen shot 2013-09-18 at 9.10.56 AMThis month I wanted to write about one of the highest honors in Girl Scouting – the Gold Award. I am currently working towards earning my Gold Award and I know a lot of girls might feel overwhelmed by it all – especially the proposal process. Teaming up with my current leader, Ms. Wanda, we’ve put together three really great tips to help girls through this process. Here we go!

Provide a detailed timeline with your proposal.

One of the questions on the proposal asks to “attach a detailed project plan.” Don’t take this instruction lightly. Type out what you plan to accomplish each month and the estimated hours it will take. Planning ahead will help you stay on track from the start. Additionally, the Gold Award Committee will be more likely to accept your proposal with limited questions if they are aware of every detail of your project and how you plan to spend your time.

Reflect before you start your project

Typically, reflection is done after the completion of a project to see what worked and what didn’t. For the Gold Award proposal, my advice would be to do the opposite. Reflect early on and think about the outcome of the project and what you will gain personally. By doing this it will make the questions on the proposal easier to answer and more genuine.

Actually talk to your project advisor

Take the opportunity to sit down with your project advisor and walk them through your proposal. Point out what you hope to achieve, how you’re communicating that to the Gold Award committee, and ensure you’ve thought through every aspect of the project. Keeping your project advisor informed gives you the opportunity to gather feedback and results in your advisor having confidence in your ability to carry out the project.

What are some tips you have for the Gold Award proposal process? What advice would you share with girls who are starting on this amazing journey?

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