Proud Leader and Mom

By Cindy Tatem, Troop #3247

Hi!  I am a leader of Girl Scout Troop #3274 in Fuquay Varina  and I just had to share this wonderful story with our Girl Scout community!

UnknownDuring the second week of school, which started in July, my daughter Charlotte came running home to tell me about an exciting award she received. She quickly reached into her bookbag and pulled out  a “Soar Award,” This particular award, which is presented to students for going above and beyond, was for “Welcoming and Including Others.”  Charlotte told me that a new student was introduced to class that day. She immediately went to introduce herself, and asked the new girl to join her at lunch and recess.

Not only did Charlotte earn a Soar Award, but so did three other girls from our troop! Micquaa, Reagan, and Madison, who all happen to be in the same class as Charlotte, each received an award! I asked if one of the girls prompted the others to follow, and she said, “No, we all just asked the new girl to join us in whatever we were doing or wherever we were going.  We all took turns and now she has four friends by the end of her first day.  She is super nice.”  Their teacher noticed the girls demonstrating what they have been learning through the Girl Scouts by their kindness and hospitality towards the new student.

Coincidence? I think not. Our troop has been teaching the messages behind the Girl Scout Law for over the last three years, and when this happened it was very rewarding to see our hard work pay off. To have something so wonderful happen, so effortlessly, brought tears to all our eyes. We are very proud of our Girl Scouts for showing what being a sister to every Girl Scout really means

Thanks to Cindy and Troop #3247 for sharing this AMAZING story! We love hearing how the Girl Scout Experience impacts girls and helps them grow into kind and caring leaders! Share your story with us and be featured on our blog or social media profiles! 

One thought on “Proud Leader and Mom

  1. Jennifer Mattox says:

    I taught all four if these girls when they were in kindergarten. I am not surprised at all they earned the award as they are all exceptional children! I am very proud of them and proud to know them!
    Jennifer mattox

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