Top 10 Reasons Why Camp Hardee Rocks!

By: Andrea Blair (a.k.a.Speedy), Seasonal Camp Director at Camp Hardee

1.     Location, Location, Location

Camp Hardee sits on the bank of the beautiful Pamlico River. Campers create memories as they experience a dolphin visit while canoeing or perhaps enjoying one of our “floating” lunches.


2.     Chef Greenblood

Our resident cook, Lillian Thompson (a.k.a. Greenblood), prepares the most scrumptious meals and delicious desserts! Greenblood ensures everyone is well-fed and satisfied.

3.     Colorful Surroundings

Camper cabins are bright with inviting colors. As campers receive their cabin assignments on opening day, they are excited to discover the color of their cabin.

4.     Cozy Family Atmosphere

Camp Hardee has one of the most enthusiastic and diverse groups of staff members that appear to have known each other for years. Their helpful and friendly attitudes resonate with campers and encourage them to do the same.  At Hardee, the Girl Scout Promise and Girl Scout Law aren’t just words — but also actions.

5.     Amazing Camp Songs

Counselors go above and beyond when performing songs for the campers by each adding their own individual twists.  The vibrant personalities of staff and campers shine through at opening campfire, getting the girls excited up for an amazing week at camp.


6.     Fun and Engaging Activities

Campers at Hardee can participate in archery, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and arts and crafts.  Each of the trained instructors has fun ways to get every girl involved and excited!


7.     Unique Programs

While the themes each week vary, the staff brings the same level of creativity and enthusiasm to each unit, making sure their experience is special.  Programs include facials, theater performances, floating lunches, stargazing, videography and the list goes on.

8.     International Experiences

Campers and staff come from all different corners of the globe.  Mondays are known as the day girls view pictures and experience the food, songs, and dances from several different cultures, broadening their global awareness.

9.     Groovy Dance Parties

Hardee campers cut loose every Tuesday night and dance to some of their favorite songs; or learn a new line dance.   Everyone dresses to impress for the weekly theme!


10.  Camper Council Voice

Two girls from each unit voice ideas and plan daily dress up themes such as Wacky Tacky, Super Hero, Twin Day and more.

What do you think make Girl Scout-NC Coastal Pines Camps Rock? 

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