The Future Depends On What We Do In the Present

By: Allison Winans, Program & Volunteer Services Executive

IMG_1489As we embark on celebrating the workings of our dedicated volunteers, it only feels right to reflect on why Girl Scouting exists.  So, why do we do what we do?

We are creating future women leaders, scientists, artists, chemists, environmentalists, award winners, alumnae.  The amazing contributions of our adult volunteers now are impacting the future.  Because a girl learns how to build and program a robot, we are allowing her to gain confidence in a predominately male field.  Because we teach girls how to pitch a tent, build a fire and become stewards of the land, we are giving her the tools to be courageous in her community.  Because we allow girls to decide how they want to be involved in Girl Scouting, we are helping girls develop the character to be a strong woman with a voice.  How awesome is that?

Behind all of those wonderful girl leaders, there is a dedicated volunteer.  Volunteers are the lifeline of Girl Scouting and our mission would not move forward without each and every volunteer.  As Gandhi once stated, “the future depends on what we do in the present.”

To our volunteers and on behalf of everyone at Girl Scouts – NC Coastal Pines – THANK YOU!  Thank you for what you are doing in the moment; the countless meetings, trips with girls, camping outings, badge work, teaching other adult volunteers, acting as a delegate, passing the torch to our future leaders and the many, many more hats that we know our volunteers all wear.

Do you want to share the amazing things you and other volunteers are doing to support the mission of Girl Scouting?  Comment on our Facebook page or go to our website to submit your volunteer story to the Girl Scout Gallery!

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