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What did you do today?

May 15, 2017

By: Kristin Vickery, Volunteer and Donor

“What did you do today?” It’s a line from a Girl Scout campaign from a few years ago that resonates with my Girl Scouts experience – especially as it relates to camp and the outdoors.

Recently, I had the opportunity to go rock climbing at an old quarry with a group of high school and college aged Girl Scouts.  Months away from my 50th birthday, I never would have imagined myself scaling a 30+ foot wall of rock on a blustery Saturday in March.  The day was filled with team building, perseverance, encouragement, and challenge – so many of the positive things I associate with my Girl Scout experience.

A Girl Scout from first grade through twelfth grade, I earned my Girl Scout Gold Award during my senior year of high school, and then became involved in Girl Scouts again 15 years ago when our oldest daughter became a Brownie. I have served as troop leader, on my area service unit team, and have been event director for area and council events.  My husband and I are also facilitators for several American Red Cross classes. We love offering opportunities for girls, adults, and troops to step out of comfort zones and challenge themselves.

Girl Scouts is all about challenge and there are so many different ways that girls are challenged while at camp. I never had the opportunity to go to summer camp as a child, so as an adult leader taking girls to group camp, I’ve realized what an important experience it is.  The girls who went to group camp with us met new people, learned how to get along with others, tried new activities like archery and sailing – and most of all –  grew in confidence and independence. Today’s Girl Scouts have so many adventures available to them.  Have you looked through the camp guide?  Canoeing, kayaking, archery, and hiking are available at all our camps.  Girls can sail at Camp Graham and Camp Hardee and can ride horses or challenge themselves on the Alpine Tower at Camp Mary Atkinson.  There are offsite adventures including trekking with llamas, whitewater rafting, a two-day canoe adventure, surfing, and climbing natural rock faces… I wish I could go!

These adventures are amazing fun, but they lay a foundation that extends far beyond the camp setting.  When our scouts challenge themselves by participating in outdoor activities they build confidence in their ability to do more than they thought they could.  This confidence is often parlayed into a willingness and ability to effect change in the community as girls embark on “Take Action” projects. Girl Scouts fosters a passion for service and helping others, and the camp and outdoor experiences available to them build the courage and confidence needed to take that passion from idea to reality.

I challenge you to consider donating your time or talent (or both) to Girl Scouts.  It is an investment in our future and the future of Girl Scouting.

Join Kristin and the hundreds of others who invest in girls and our camp programs. Make your gift today!


At Summer Camp Any Girl Can Shine

May 3, 2015

Meet the Challenge

By Emily Hill, Director of Individual Giving

Early last month, I joined a handful of volunteers and camp staff to review applications for the Campership Fund. Over 200 girls applied for financial assistance to attend camp, and it was our job – the 10 of us that made up this year’s Campership Committee – to review these applications and allocate the money we had available in our Campership Fund this year.

Trust me, it’s not an easy job. The stories in the applications make you want to weep. Girl Scout families of four living on under $20,000 a year. Single-parent households where the mother is working full time while trying to earn her bachelor’s degree – and she’s a Troop Leader. The disabled veteran who wants to send her three girls to Girl Scout Camp this year.

Each story of why they need assistance for summer camp is heartbreakingly different, yet there is one theme that runs through them all: the belief that this week at Girl Scout Camp will make a difference in their girl’s life.

“I am requesting assistance for my two daughters to allow them to have a lifetime experience.”

“Sophia was so excited when we got the Girl Scout summer camp guide in the mail. She has always dreamed of experiencing camp! It’s even more exciting to her that it is through the Girl Scouts: she was so happy and proud when she joined this year.”

“Zari lives for Girl Scout Camp. This year, she will learn how to be even more independent. She will make friends. She will learn lifelong skills attending camp.”

“I am so thankful for Girl Scouts and camp. It has shown my daughter parts of this world and being a young woman that I may not have been able to show her. Thank you.”

“I would love to give Jayla the opportunity to go to this camp so she will learn to be more independent and confident when starting middle school this coming school year.”

“Camila is an introvert but has really come out of her shell with Girl Scouts – it has changed her life for the better and has made her confident. I know attending this camp would be such a blessing.”

“Emma still talks about her experience at camp last year on a regular basis. She had such a great time. I would love for her to have the opportunity to go back – Girl Scouts is her area to shine.”

That day, reading these stories, I realized how important our spring Campership fundraiser is to the work we all do to bring leadership and skill-building opportunities to girls – no matter their background or financial situation.

That’s why I’m so excited for our Campership Challenge. Five community leaders have stepped up to help make it possible for us to provide summer camp opportunities for these girls – the Sophias, Camilas, Emmas, and many more! These generous donors have agreed to match all donations to the Campership Fund between now and June 1st until we reach our $15,000 fundraising goal. The support of community members and businesses is crucial in making sure that we can continue to provide incredible, life-changing experiences – the same experiences your girls have when they attend camp – to EVERY girl who wants it.

I encourage you to make a gift, and help all of girls shine at camp this summer.

*Names have been changed for privacy purposes.

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