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Get Eclipsed, Girl Scouts!

July 11, 2017


Girl Scouts, grab your safety glasses and your viewing maps and get ready to get eclipsed! On August 21, we will have a rare opportunity to witness a solar eclipse. A solar eclipse is when the moon gets in the way of the sun light’s path, making it dark in the middle of the day. The total eclipse will cross the entire country, giving Girl Scouts from all over the opportunity to take a look– something that hasn’t happened since 1918!  Total solar eclipses are super cool because they allow us to look directly at the sun’s outer atmosphere, called the corona. Because of this, many scientific findings have taken place as a result of a total solar eclipse. How awesome is that?

The solar eclipse is the perfect way to get together with your fellow Girl Scouts to explore our solar system and witness a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence– and you can earn a fun solar eclipse patch! To help you prepare for the experience, we have put together some great learning suggestions and we have awesome tools so you can make the most of the event!

Here are some great suggestions of ways to learn  about this astronomical phenomenon:

  • Eclipse Demonstration – Using simple objects from home create a solar eclipse. Here are two experiment options to choose from: orange and clay model and apple and pencil model.
  • Watch the Eclipse – Step outside on August 21st to view this amazing sight. It is important to be safe when viewing a solar eclipse. Watch this video to follow the guidelines provided by experts.
  • Make a Pinhole Projector – With objects found at home you can make a tool to help you view the solar eclipse on August 21. Watch this video for step by step instructions to make a pinhole projector.
  • Attend our Solar Eclipse Party at Camp Mu-Sha-Ni! Full of hands-on events and a prime viewing location, this is a great way for all girls to learn about eclipses and earn our Solar Eclipse patch!
  • Looking for other fun activities? Use the official Girl Scouts Solar Eclipse Activity Guide full of great activities for every grade level!

In addition, Girl Scouts is celebrating the solar eclipse with patches and kits to help you safely view and locate the eclipse– get eclipsed!

Don’t miss out on your Great American Eclipse 2017 patch by ordering today! You can place your order online or email with the quantity, customer name, and shipping address.

Happy viewing, Girl Scouts!


Growing in Girl Scouts – Older Girl Programming

August 29, 2016


By: Eileen Miller

Growing in Girl Scouts – Older Girl Programming

Girl Scouts – NC Coastal Pines recognizes that girls who grow in Girl Scouts are provided greater opportunities to develop their leadership skills. The program team has an awesome line up of activities to offer older girls (Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors) that are engaging, thought provoking and FUN! Check out our website’s activities section to learn more about each activity and register or download information as a troop, individual or Juliette.

Some highlights include:

The Arts: Spend time at Artspace, located in Raleigh, to create individual works of art under the tutelage of professionals.

Leadership: Attain one or both of the highest awards, the Girl Scout Silver and Gold Awards, by attending an upcoming workshop to learn more.

The Law: Interested in the law or civics? If yes, the UNC Women in Law Patch is back! Attend this program to participate in a mock trial as well as other fun educational activities.

Journey: Are you a Juliette interested in completing the Ambassador level Bliss Journey? This is a great opportunity to complete this Journey over the course of a school year. Registrants will meet monthly engaging in different activities that will come to a conclusion with a fun camping trip in June 2017.

College Readiness: In spring 2017, a variety of college readiness programming will be offered* at various universities to include resume writing, college tours, interviewing skills and more.

Financial Literacy: Merrill Lynch is offering two opportunities for older girls to learn about the importance of good credit and buying power.

Program Aide Core and Specialty: Program Aide Core and Specialty course materials are now available online on our website. Volunteers can download the facilitator and girl training materials to deliver this programming at a time and location convenient for them.

Each of these activities was designed to be fun while exploring new opportunities and developing leadership skills. We can’t wait for your girl to participate!

*Dates for the college readiness program are to be determined.

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