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Want to join Girl Scouts in the fall? Hit the ground running with these tips!

July 11, 2016

Join Girl Scouts

By Shellie Culler, Recruitment Director

Did you know that the majority of Girl Scout troops start in the fall? It’s back to school and back to troop time, which is exciting, but can also be overwhelming! To help families kick their fall into high gear, here are some tips that will make joining a Girl Scout troop a smooth process…which makes being a Girl Scout even more fun!

When is the best time to look for a troop?

RIGHT NOW! Girls can join troops year-round, but families have the best chance of reserving the troop of their choice by registering early. Girls new to Girl Scouts can register as early as July 1 and browse our online troop catalog for meeting and troop options. Selecting your troop prior to school starting not only checks one thing off your to-do list, but also gives your girl something to look forward to as she starts the school year. Additionally, registering early ensures that your girl doesn’t miss a moment of fun! Many troops start meeting in August and September and finding your troop sooner rather than later allows your girl to participate in early meetings, become acquainted with leaders and fellow Girl Scouts, and start planning her best year ever!

How do I register my girl to be a Girl Scout? How do I find a troop?

GO ONLINE! To start the registration process and to find troops online, you’ll want to utilize our online troop catalog. The online catalog lists troops with available openings and families can search by zip code or troop number to find troops near you or a specific troop. If you know of a Girl Scout troop in your neighborhood or school, you can also register for that troop online. It’s easy, it’s fast, and it’s fun! If you can’t find a troop that works with your family’s schedule, simply check the “unsure” option. This will let our Girl Scout representatives know to reach out and help you find the solution that works best for your family.

Always dreamed of leading your own troop? Want to be a part of your daughter’s experience? Help us empower and guide the next generation of female leaders! You can register as a Volunteer by adding your membership along with your daughter’s or by visiting our adult registration page and selecting your volunteer role. We’ll follow up and help you get on boarded.

What happens after I get registered?

Your troop leader will reach out to welcome you! Once your daughter is registered, your troop leaders will be notified by email with your contact information. This makes it super easy for them to communicate with you about the upcoming troop year. They will let you know what your daughter needs prior to the first troop meeting as well as when the first troop meeting and parent meetings will take place.

Most troops do not meet over the summer, so expect to hear from your troop leader in August or September once the troop is starting back up. If you’re new a troop leader, you’ll start to receive notifications about girls who are joining your troop. We recommend reaching out and welcoming them as soon as possible and to let them know the date of your first meeting. Additionally, a Girl Scout staff member will reach out to new troop leaders to schedule training and welcome them to the organization.

I hope these tips help set you and your family up for success this fall. Just remember to follow my motto! The sooner you get started, the sooner the Girl Scout fun begins!


Why I Lead

May 23, 2016

Troop 560_New Bern

Submitted by Jennifer Hartsfield, Girl Scout Troop Leader

My best friend’s daughter wanted to join a troop; however, no troops in the area had openings. So, as many leaders have done, she started one. One day she was telling me about how she started a troop and needed a co-leader. Knowing absolutely nothing about Girl Scouts, I reluctantly said, ‘sure!’ even though I do not have a daughter and I would be doing a lot of traveling back and forth to New Bern. That was three years ago. Now, I am a troop leader of two troops – one in Hubert and one in New Bern.

I am so glad that I said yes. Little did I know that with Girl Scouts I would be a mother figure, a counselor, a nurse, a teacher, a friend, a sister, a motivator, and most of all, a leader.

There is nothing more exciting than seeing these girls make friends, challenge themselves with things they never thought they’d do in a million years, succeed at a new endeavor, and just become such admirable leaders.

When I’m teaching archery and the shy girl who doesn’t believe in herself pulls back on the bow string and lets her arrow fly and makes a bull’s-eye, that’s why I’m a Girl Scout Leader.

When we go kayaking and a girl who is terrified of the water climbs shakily into her kayak with her friend and starts rowing away smiling, that’s why I’m a Girl Scout Leader.

When we are having a campfire at Camp Mary Atkinson and a group of girls shine their flashlights on a frog in awe. Then it jumps and the girls run away screaming, that’s why I’m a Girl Scout Leader.

I absolutely love being a Girl Scout Leader. I have found my purpose in life, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Want to become a troop leader like Jennifer and help girls achieve their dreams? Please visit our volunteer page for more information.

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