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June Commemorative Celebrations

June 5, 2017


Summer is here and it is time to celebrate Zoo and Aquarium Month, Music Day, and more! There are activities for you to do as a troop or as a family. Bring on the heat and the commemorative celebration activities!

Zoo and Aquarium Month

Kickoff your summer by celebrating animals and places you can visit them. Plan your family or troop outing to learn about animals this June.

  • Sea Turtle Patch Program – GS – NCCP has a Sea Turtle patch program for Girl Scout Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors. Through the activities in the program, girls will learn more about the lives and habits of Sea Turtles. They also will explore ways to help save and protect our friends in the sea.
  • Zoo Craft– Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! Bring home the animals by making a craft. This website has lots of zoo crafts for your troop to create. There are paper monkeys, cardboard elephants, clay lions, and more. Don’t forget to learn about the animal your troop makes!
  • Take a Trip – Lucky for us in North Carolina, we can visit a zoo and aquarium. Head to the coast and visit one of the four NC Aquariums. Each aquarium has special exhibits and activities to educate your troop about local fish and other sea creatures. If your troop is interested in furry critters, plan a visit to the NC Zoo. Reach out to Nicole Peterson,, to schedule a Girl Scout program at the NC Zoo.

Here is a fun zoo patch to celebrate the month.

Music Day

Music is a big part of life for many people. Some make a profession out of playing instruments and writing songs. Other people use music to relax or celebrate. Discover what aspects of music interest your troop on June 21.

  • Explore New Music – Expand your troop’s musical taste with some new musical choices. You can expose them to classical or folk music. Maybe have them listen to something from another country or culture. There are so many types of music you can share with your troop to expand their taste.
  • Go to a Concert – Find a local family-fun concert to attend. Take the troop as an outing to listen to new music and maybe dance a little too.
  • Make an Instrument – Create your own musical instrument to play. This website has a ton of ideas for easy instruments to make with your troop.

Commemorative your troop learning more about music with a fun patch.

National Doughnut Day

I think it is safe to say the doughnuts are the best! We can’t get enough of these glazed, sprinkled, chocolate covered, rings. Don’t forget to celebrate delicious doughnuts on June 2.

  • Tasty Treat– Celebration National Doughnut with doughnuts at your troop meeting. Head to your favorite doughnut shop to purchase a sweet snack that everyone will enjoy. Don’t forget extra sprinkles!
  • Doughnut Craft– Decorate and get crafty for your doughnut party. Create one of these doughnut themed crafts: doughnut garland or doughnut floppy hat.
  • Share the Love– Take your troop to a local doughnut shop to buy a dozen doughnuts and then give them out in your community. Offer them to your church or school staff or bring them to a local nursing home. Share your love of doughnuts!

Check out this fun doughnut patch!

National Outdoor Month

June is the perfect month to celebrate National Outdoor Month: the days are warm, the nights are cool, and school is out! Plan a way to get outside as a troop or family this June. There are countless ways to enjoy the great outdoors in North Carolina, we’ve listed a few below:

  • Try A New Outdoor Hobby– Challenge yourself in June to get outside and try and new hobby. Have you ever tried paddle-boarding or Ultimate Frisbee? What about mountain biking, archery, or golf? The options are endless. Be a risk-taker and try a new outdoor hobby.
  • Bonfire– Whether you are camping in June or not, you can always have a bonfire. Get the troop together one night for a traditional Girl Scout bonfire. Sing songs, play games, and make s’mores. This is a great way to enjoy a beautiful, North Carolina night outside.

S’mores patch anyone? Purchase this cute patch to remember your troop bonfire.

Keep your eyes peeled for July’s commemorative celebrations blog.


Join the Media Girlz Team!

April 17, 2017

by Jodi Gilbert, Communications Manager

Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines is searching for rising Girl Scout Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors who love being in the spotlight and who ooze the courage, confidence, and character of a true G.I.R.L. (go-getter, innovator, risk-taker, and leader) to join the 2017-2018 Media Girlz Team!

Media Girlz is a year-long program that will give girls across central and eastern North Carolina the chance to be included in various media opportunities like television, radio, and newspaper interviews and be the girl voices of our 41-county footprint.

Looking for reasons why girls should apply to be a Media Girl? Here’s are our top three!

  1. Enhance Your Communication Skills

Having great communication skills is key in almost every career, relationship, and in everyday life. By being a Media Girl your written and verbal communications skills will not only improve, but you will gain confidence in these skills! Media Girlz offers opportunities for girls to speak publicly, engage with television and newspaper reporters and radio personalities, and attend council events where you will be talking to council staff and volunteers.

  1. Explore Career Options

Media Girlz is perfect for girls looking to explore their interest in television, radio, writing, production, and more! What better way to get a jump start on exploring new careers options than getting to experience it hands-on? With this program, girls will experience the media world and learn how the news is produced. Girls will learn proper business and interview etiquette, along with having a great addition to put on their college applications and resumes.

  1. Elevate your Girl Scout Story

If you’re passionate about Girl Scouts and love sharing your Girl Scout story – Media Girlz is the perfect fit for you. When you talk to the media, you will share your leadership experience and help spread the word about Girl Scouts across our council. You’ll get to show the world that Girl Scouts is the premier leadership development organization for girls and young women, and share stories about how girls like you are making an impact in world every day.

Girls looking to make new friends and become role models for girls across the North Carolina Coastal Pines council can fill out an application to be a Media Girl today!

Fill out your application to be a Media Girl today!  



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