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10 Traits that Girl Scouts Has Given Me!

August 11, 2013

By Destiny O., GSNCCP Girl Board Member

Hi my name is Destiny and I am one of six Girl Scouts to join the Girl Board for the 2013-2014 year. As you may have read in the first Girl Board blog post by Ami, we are all really excited to get started and to share our experiences here on the blog!

Recently, I moved to Quantico, Virginia because my dad is in the military. I am staying in touch with my troop from afar, but I’m really going to miss them! Before we left my co-leader and her daughter, who have been a part of my Girl Scout journey since second grade, gave my mom and I going-away gifts. Both were 3-D collages of our Girl Scout careers, including pictures, patches, and pins. It reminded me of each meeting, event, trip and award that I have had the opportunity to participate in because of Girl Scouts.


Here is a picture of one of the collages – cool, right?

When I looked at the collage and started remembering all of my wonderful experiences, it gave me the idea for this blog post. Earning each badge and pin has taught me invaluable traits and skills that I know will last a lifetime. Here are just the top ten (the full list is far too long!) of traits that I’ve learned through Girl Scouting.

1. Leadership

2. Confidence

3. Business Sense

4. Commitment

5. Understanding

6. Volunteerism

7. Creativity

8. Trustworthiness

9. Cooperation

10. Adventurousness

These are traits that I will use throughout my whole life, and I couldn’t have done it without my sisters at Girl Scouts!

What traits and skills have you been learning through Girl Scouts? Leave your comments below and tell us how being a Girl Scout has impacted your life! 


Braving the Storm with Courage, Confidence and Character

April 9, 2013

By: Allison Winans, Program and Volunteer Services Executive

Troop 1358 PICWhat would Girl Scouts be without camping?  The two go hand in hand and to imagine Girl Scouting without camping, would be like imagining a s’more without the chocolate—that’s just crazy!

Through camping and outdoor experiences, girls are building courage, confidence and character to make the world a better place and Girl Scout Troop #1358 did exactly that on a trip last year.  As these wonderful young ladies gear up for another spring season of camping and outdoor fun, it is only natural to reflect on the knowledge and skills they built this past summer on a troop outing to Washington, D.C.

It was in early June, the perfect weekend to camp. That perfect weekend quickly turned when a severe storm approached their campground.  The Girl Scouts of Troop #1358 quickly sprang into action to act with a clear head during the storm.  Despite the threat of the storm, the girls stayed calm, cool and collected—even assisting other camp ground visitors find shelter from the storm.  The storm that rolled through the Washington, D.C. area that weekend was compared to the strength of a category 1 hurricane with winds in the 80 mile per hour range!

Their story, I promise, is truly inspirational.  Great job Troop 1358!  Your ability to have courage, confidence and character in an emergency situation is truly admirable.


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