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Day Camp Boosts Confidence for Girls & Volunteers

August 5, 2013

By Stacy Nechyba, Durham Girl Scout Day Camp Program Director

Durham Day Camp 1If you are looking for the ultimate confidence-booster, look no further.  You can find it at a Girl Scouts – NC Coastal Pines’ Day Camp.  For the first time this summer, I co-directed the Girl Scout Day Camp in Durham County and want to report that it was enjoyable from beginning to end.

There were many highlights, not least of which were the advantages of working with another fantastic volunteer Camp Director, Chip Reinhardt, and an experienced, organized and helpful team of support at the council.  Without these strong working relationships, it would not have had the same experience.  Chip and I aimed for and achieved an ambitious program.

Rewarding milestones included finding a good location after an involved search of area facilities and parks; writing a final camp program after endless drafts; designing a logo – which I’d never done before – and seeing it made into shirts and patches; meeting and working with a team of adult and youth volunteers; and finally seeing the children learn, play and have fun.

Our particular Girl Scout program included swimming, archery, arts & crafts, outdoor games, making UV bracelets and survival bracelets, camp journals, time in the kitchen making Girl Scout milkshakes and ice cream sandwiches, STEM badge work for each age group, and off -site activities at the Museum of Life and Science and Duke University. To cap it off, we hosted a Friday night potluck dinner and graduation ceremony for the girls.

Durham Day Camp PatchTaking Girl Scout Daisies, Juniors and Cadettes off-site proved to be a tremendous success. Our Girl Scout Daisies studied butterflies at day camp and had the reward of going to the Museum of Life and Science Butterfly House.  Our Girl Scout Juniors earned their Entertainment Technology Badge which included working on an MIT program in a technology lab at Duke University’s Social Sciences Research Institute. Our Girl Scout Cadettes earned their Entrepreneur Badge and finished it off by spending a day at Duke University, which included sharing their product and business plan with a group of Professors in the Economics Department Chairman’s Conference Room.

I truly enjoyed every minute of planning, including the challenges and hurdles I worked to overcome.  Most rewarding of all has been the notes and emails I have received from campers, parents and leaders brimming with thanks and praise.

It is my wish to encourage others to do the same and take advantage of an unparalleled personal growth opportunity while unlocking potential and strength in our girls by giving them an authentic Girl Scout experience.


“Girl Scouting another way” learned

June 24, 2013

By Lexi Tichenor, Communications & Marketing Intern

Capture1When I was younger I took part in Girl Scouts for a number of years and enjoyed every minute of it! I can remember many great experiences, but the most memorable were the many friendships I built within and outside of my troop. At the time, I didn’t think that these friendships would last as long as they have. I am still in contact with several of the girls that I met through Girl Scouts.

Being able to attend Girl Scout Camp was my favorite part of Girl Scouts; it was very exciting to buy my first mess kit! I loved the variety of activities that took place at camp such as making jewelry, games, learning new things, and staying up giggling after the leaders told us it was bedtime!! I really value having the opportunity to spend a few nights away from my parents exploring the wonders of Girl Scout Camp. It not only taught me to make good decisions on my own, but to be knowledgeable and confident in my actions.

Recently, I have been taking part in Girl Scouts in a different way.  Over the course of the summer, I will be interning with Girl Scouts-NC Coastal Pines. I am studying Public Relations and Marketing at Ashford University and will be working closely with the Communications & Marketing team for the Council. This opportunity will not only provide me with valuable skills to take with me in to the workplace but also to help me to grow as an individual.

So far I have learned many new things about the organization and have been adding to my skill set. I am learning how to adjust my writing style to communicate with audiences on each of the social media platforms and gaining experience with traditional new releases.  Communicating through the different social media platforms allows us to share inspiring stories and successes, share the many benefits of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, and encourage others become involved with the organization’s programs and initiatives.

So do be sure to join us on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In!

Girl Scouts has helped me grow in many ways, and is continuing to help me grow. I highly encourage you and others that you know to become part of the Girl Scout organization in some way whether it be a Girl Scout, leader, volunteer, or an employee. I can’t wait to grow even more!


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