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“Dive In” to the 2014 Fall Sale

September 9, 2014

By Amy Vitale, Product Sales Manager

Girl Scouts - NC Coastal Pines Fall Sale

Our “Be Active! Dive In!” Fall Product sale here at Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines kicks off on Friday, October 3.  Troops and individual Girl Scouts can sell magazine subscriptions (new and renewals) and nuts and candy to earn money for their Girl Scout experience.  This year, our online store will also feature Ashdon Farm’s full line of nuts and candies.

Not ready to Dive In yet? Here are ten reasons that may help you take the plunge:

  1. Recharge your Troop Bank Account! An average troop earns $200 in proceeds during the 3 weeks of Fall Sale. Troops who participate will have money in the bank by the end of October.
  2. Area Bonus Money! Local areas can earn up to 5% of their total sales. Several areas have received over $1000 on top of what their troops earned. This extra cash can help pay for rallies, popup tents for cookie booths, and end of the year banquets.
  3. New Photo Keepsakes! This year’s sale offers a great way to help people share their memories with personalized photo keepsakes like photobooks, holiday cards, and calendars using the photos they have stored on computers, mobile devices, Facebook and Instagram.
  4. Warm Up for the Cookie Sale! The Fall Sale is a great opportunity to teach new Girl Scouts how to manage a product sale on a smaller scale than the Cookie Sale. For our seasoned Girl Scouts, it is a great way to get them excited for Cookies!
  5. Support Local! The holidays are right around the corner and why not support the Girl Scouts in your troop and council by shopping with them. Magazine subscriptions and the yummy nuts and candy have always made great holiday gifts plus our new Keepsake Photo items make great personalized gifts.
  6. Support the Troops! Treats for Troops is in its fourth year and we have already sent 7,000 treats to our military troops. Let’s continue to show our support and send even more treats from home.
  7. Recognitions! Not only can girls earn cumulative recognitions like our adorable plush otters, Cashew and Peanut, but also Top Seller medals, Journey Books, and gift cards to their favorite restaurants.
  8. Patches! Sell 3 magazines/Photo Keepsake items and 10 nut or candy items to receive three interlocking patches. 5 Treats for Troops sales earns a patch. And another patch can be earned just be sending 12 email invitations to shop your online store. How easy is that?
  9. The 5 Skills! The Fall Sale is part of our Financial Literacy Program in Girl Scouts. Give your girls a brighter future by providing them opportunities to set goals, make decision, manage money, interact with customers, and learn business ethics.
  10. Get a Free Troop Photo Yearbook! All Girl Scout Troops that have 30% or more of their registered girls participating in the Fall Sale, will receive a certificate for a FREE photobook. Have fun with your girls as you create your own Troop Yearbook!

With so many reasons to support the Fall Sale, how could you not? Visit our Fall Sale page on our website or email to get started. We look forward to your support!


Top 10 Reasons to Join the Fall Product Sale in 2013!

September 17, 2013

By Amy Vitale, Product Sales Manager


Candies, nuts, and magazines… oh my!  Our 2014 Fall Product Sale is right around the corner and we are gearing up for our Girl Scouts to sell candies, nuts, and magazine subscriptions to help raise money for their Troops and service areas!   Whether this is your first time selling with us or you’re a pro, here are 10 reasons to participate in Girl Scouts – NC Coastal Pines’ 2014 Fall Product Sale!

  1. Yummy snacks! Our troops have the opportunity to sell 12 yummy snacks including our new dark chocolate mint penguins and spicy salsa snack mix.
  2. Awesome Magazines! Our troops also have the opportunity to sell magazines (print and digital) and with over 900 magazine titles.
  3. Troop Proceeds! This easy-in-and-out-sale provides great start up money when troops need it and can help girls save towards end of year trips, events, or even a pizza party.
  4. Earn Journey Books! No need to purchase Journey Books…earn them instead. If all participating girls in your troop have a per girl average of $250 or more in the Fall Sale, then all participating girls will receive a Journey Book of their choice.
  5. Treat Yourself! Just sell 100 or more items (any combination of snacks and/or magazines) and be a part of the new Sweet Success 100th Club. Earn a special patch and a night on the town including gift cards for dinner and a movie.
  6. Treats for Troops! Girl Scouts and customers have the opportunity to support our military with treats from home. Girls with five or more Treats for Troops orders not only earn proceeds for their troop, but also receive a special patch.
  7. Cash Bonuses! Each area has the opportunity to earn cash bonuses up to 5% of their area’s total sales for reaching their goals. Last year many areas used their cash bonuses to purchase/fund pop-up tents, kick-off rallies, and camping supplies.
  8. So much to be earned! Cumulative patches and recognitions are earned, in addition to troop proceeds, other bonus recognitions, and area bonuses. Some patches can be earned just by inviting friends and family to the sale.
  9. Learn The 5 Skills! Girls who participate will learn Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, People Skills, and Business Ethics. Girls will learn skills today that will help grow them into the leaders of tomorrow!
  10. Warm-up! The Fall Sale is a great time to prepare your Girl Scouts for the Cookie Sale.  It provides girls the opportunity to prepare goals, practice selling techniques, and manage money all within a friends and family sale.

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