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The USS Yorktown: An Exciting Girl Scouts Camping Destination!

January 27, 2014

By Meridith Orr, Program Executive

USS YorktownHave you ever imagined what life is like on an aircraft carrier?  Did you know you can actually spend the night on one?  You can if you visit the USS Yorktown – also known as “The Fighting Lady” – at the Patriot’s Point Naval & Maritime Museum in Charleston Harbor, SC.   The Yorktown recently hosted the Girl Scouts – NC Coastal Pines Program Team on an overnight aboard the ship so that we could get the scoop on all the great programs they have to offer.

Girl Scouts have their own sleeping quarters on the Yorktown!   When you arrive, you’ll drop your gear at your bunk and explore the ship’s operating spaces and living quarters, followed by a meal and entertainment – there’s a theater on board that hosts movie nights.  After a fire-drill and roll call at the large American flag on the flight deck, you’ll head back to your quarters for lights out and “Taps” at 11:00 p.m.

Revile wakes you up bright and early the next morning with a bugle call.  You’ll line up to go to the Chief Petty Officer’s Mess for breakfast, and then start the day with all sorts of fun, hands-on activities that explore Oceanography, Astronomy, Aviation and more!

These activities support some of the Girl Scout Journey badge programs, including “Home Scientist” from Brownie Quest and “Gardener” from Get Moving.   The Program Team performed water tests, built a robotic arm and made some eco-friendly cleaning solutions, before attempting the “Collision Course” leadership challenge!

The Yorktown’s “Collision Course” Leadership program puts you in a real-life situation that tests your problem-solving skills.  Using math and GPS technology, you and your teammates must complete a mission by cracking a secret code!   If you want more challenges, the Yorktown also offers scavenger hunts, geocaching and a climbing wall. You can also take the role of a scientist studying the unique ecosystem offered by Charleston Harbor’s estuary environment.

We had a fantastic time on our shipboard camping adventure, and we think you and your troop will, too!  For more information, contact the Program Department at 800-284-4475.


destinations: Discover the World

December 3, 2013

By Nephitearya Bailey, Program Director

passportPicture it! Explore the deserts of Morocco, climb Mt. Fuji, write, direct, produce and edit your own film, learn the art of wilderness photography in the Sierras

Map it! North & South America, the Caribbean, Europe & Asia

Be it!  Willing to push yourself beyond your everyday expectations

Plan it!  Summer 2014

Get it!

$ it!  Oh what a cookie can help do!

Every girl everywhere deserves the chance to discover the world beyond her everyday scope and connect with others globally. Typically girl members of Girl Scouts- NC Coastal Pines participate in this type of travel through their troop. However, there is another opportunity for a teen in Girl Scouting to expand her personal experience through travel.

From Wyoming to China, there are dozens of opportunities in the coming year for Girl Scouts ages 11-17 to expand their horizons and meet other Girl Scouts from around the county. These opportunities are a part of a GSUSA program called destinations.

So what is a destination exactly? These are continental and international travel events sponsored and endorsed by GSUSA. The trips are divided into several categories: international, outdoors, science, people, apprenticeships and getaways. See here for a list of the 2014 destinations.

With so many choices, you have the opportunity to pick a destination that fits your interests and desires. No matter which destination you choose to apply, you will have the experience of a lifetime! But don’t just take our word for it, hear from other Girl Scouts about their travel experiences on GSUSA’s travel site for girls.

If you are interested in applying for a destinations opportunity or are interested in travel with Girl Scouts, contact Program Director Nephitearya Bailey.

Now, where would you like to explore?


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