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5 Tips for Selling Girl Scout Cookies

January 6, 2014

Ami P., GSNCCP Girl Board Member

Girl Scout Cookie SaleWhether it is your first year or your fifth year participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Sale, each year is always different and exciting!

As I enter my eighth and final year of selling Girl Scout cookies I thought I’d pass along a few helpful tips things I’ve learned along the way.

Here are my five tips from a long-time cookie seller on how to stay safe, be efficient, and sell a lot of Girl Scout cookies this season!

1. Wear Your Uniform! 

Nothing says Girl Scouts like wearing your vest or sash! By wearing your uniform you immediately let customers know who you are and what you are selling. Personally introducing yourself helps create a comfortable atmosphere and gives you the opportunity to establish a long-lasting relationship with a potential reoccurring customer.!

2. Safety First!

When selling cookies – whether at a cookie booth, during walkabout week or going door-to-door, remember to always put safety first! Make sure you have a parent or adult with you at all times and try to sell with a fellow Girl Scout from your troop or area.

3. Make Recommendations!

If a potential customer shows no interest in buying cookies, recommending a personal favorite may cause them to rethink their decision. Often times, customers will be hesitant on making a choice and would benefit from your help. Make sure you have some handy tidbits of information handy about each cookie. Using these awesome Cookie Sale lanyards (created by Wake 16) is a great way to keep information close!

4. Suggest Alternative Options!

Not all fans of Girl Scout cookies can consume them due to diets, allergies, religious reasons, etc. Although it is important to respect these decisions, you can make suggestions such as Operation Cookie Drop, buying cookies as a gift, or simply making a donation to Girl Scouts to support girls across our 41 counties.

5. Create A Memorable Bond! 

As you sell cookies, create personal bonds with your customers to create customers for life. Making conversation (see tip #1) is a great first step to generating repeat customers. Tell customers why you joined Girl Scouts, what you plan to do with your cookie proceeds, or all the fun you’re having as a way to stand out. Also, writing thank you notes to customers such as friends, family, neighbors, or teachers is a great way to encourage people to buy cookies from you next year and for years to come!


Walk About Week Comes to Girl Scout Cookie Sale

January 1, 2014

By Amy Vitale, Product Sales Manager

walkaboutGirl Scouts today have so many opportunities to sell a box of cookies. This can range from cookie booths to cookie stands in addition to traditional door-to-door sales.

This year, Girl Scouts – NC Coastal Pines’ Girl Scouts will go door-to-door with cookies in-hand instead of just an order form! By moving to a “direct” Cookie Sale, troops will have cookies earlier in the sale so there no customer preordering is involved.

A Direct Cookie Sale is…

  • less time consuming for Girl Scout families.
  • combines order taking and delivery into one step which is a huge plus.
  • gives girls the opportunity to sell more cookies and earn more proceeds.
  • gives customers instant cookie gratification!

Girls will participate in a new “Walkabout Week” with cookies in hand for direct sales starting Sunday, Jan 19 through Friday, Jan 24. Here are some fun ways girls and troops can participate in the week:

  • Sale on Wheels – loading cookies in a wagon and selling to customers in residential areas with adult supervision.
  • Caravan – Girl Scouts/troops go door-to-door in a residential area while the supervising adults follow in a car with the cookies.
  • Cookie Stand – this is a “lemonade” type stand a Girl Scout can set up on her own property (i.e., in front of her house) to sell cookies as her home owners’ association permits.

Cookie booths are a great way for Girl Scout troops to sell together as a troop activity. Booths on commercial property like shopping centers are a great way to do this and reach a lot of customers. Themed booths are a popular troop activity and include such themes as patriotic booths that focus on Operation Cookie Drop and holiday booths including Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Day.

But cookie booths don’t just have to be in front of stores. Some of the best cookie booths are set up at local parades and festivals, churches, sporting events, colleges and universities, libraries, or even a drive-thru booth!

If there is a lot of foot traffic, it’s a great location for a cookie booth. Whatever way a Girl Scout or her troop chooses to sell cookies, just make sure it is fun and safe.


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