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Ready, Set, Earn! New Troop Leader Series

January 28, 2014

By Tiffany Haywood, Daisy Troop Leader

Girl Scout - NC Coastal Pines Cookie SaleThis week we had our very first Troop Meeting since the holiday break AND our local Cookie Rally!  We were so excited!  Ummm…WE being the Troop Leaders!  We couldn’t wait to get our girls ready and prepped for the Cookie Sale including learning how to set their goals and how to approach the customers and earn!

That’s right folks, it’s more than just “Do you want to buy some cookies?”  Even at the Daisy and Brownie levels, we teach the girls how to introduce themselves, the Troop and the product.  We also make certain each girl knows how to be safe, to be confident and to be successful right from the beginning.

We decided the best way to teach the girls were to divide and conquer different aspects of the Cookie Sale. I focused on teaching the girls the value of the money – how much we earn for each box we sell, how to tell the customer the prices, and even how to know what more than one box will cost.   There is nothing that can give you more confidence than knowledge.

In addition to teaching the girls the costs we also shared how achieving their sales goals they will help them earn rewards and prizes.  Girl Scouts – NC Coastal Pines along with the cookie baker’s website allows the girls to track their progress, badges, and rewards and recognition throughout the sale.

After I had my lesson time with the Daisies we came together with our Brownies to practice our customer service skills .  My Daisies were the customers and our Brownies were the sellers.   Since this is their first year selling we had them approach as if in a door-to-door situation. As they went through each step we coached them.

After all our prep, our girls are out and ready to sell! To all you Troop Leaders out here – tell me how your cookie sale is going or post questions for me in the comments below!


What’s really in a box of Girl Scout cookies anyway?

January 30, 2013

By: Leslie Flood, Chief Business Officer

We all know that each box of Girl Scout cookies is filled with yummy goodness, but have you ever considered what goes hand-in-hand with those delicious treats? The Girl Scout Cookie Program is filled with activities that can help girls build skills for a lifetime. Goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics are all necessary skills for successful leadership – and they are all skills learned while selling Girl Scout cookies.

While participating in the Cookie Sale Program, girls can strengthen their skills by earning special badges that enhance their knowledge of business and teamwork. The Cookie Activity Pin is a great recognition for girls who focus on the activities involved in building the 5 Skills identified as part of the Cookie Sale Program. Girls can also choose from a number of badges from their Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting.

Girl Scout Daisies can learn how to make decisions with the Making Choices badge and how to decide what they will do with their cookie proceeds with the Talk it Up badge. The Girl Scout Brownie Meet My Customers badge and the Junior Cookie CEO badge are great in helping girls strengthen their customer and cookie business skills. Girl Scout Cadettes can learn about business and marketing with the Business Plan and Marketing badges. Girl Scout Seniors can learn about keeping and increasing customers with the Customer Loyalty badge, while Girl Scout Ambassadors can learn about credit with the Good Credit badge and even explore how new products are developed with the R&D badge.

Which badges are your girls working on? Have they identified the skills they will focus on in COCO?


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