Need help planning your Girl Scout year? There’s a VTK for that.

October 5, 2015

VTK Updates!

By Christin Murphy, Adult Learning Director

Something we can all agree on these days is that life is just plain BUSY!  Busy is the new state of normal for many of our lives.  ‘Busy’ has become the new ‘fine.’ Making one thing in your life simpler or easier to understand, can reduce stress and create space for yourself, for fun, for rest.

I know there are times when I find myself asking, “What one thing can I do this week to simplify my life?”   And thanks to these great new features you are guaranteed to love, the Girl Scout Volunteer Toolkit (one of our best resources) will help you simply not just this week, but each week of your Girl Scout year.

Troop Communication Tools

The “My Troop” tab in the Volunteer Toolkit is now up and running!  This new feature allows you to view contact information and communicate directly with your troop members individually or as a group.  This tab gives you access to members’ email, phone number, address, birthdays and more.  Connecting with your Girl Scout families has never been easier.

Automatic Meeting Reminders

Sending out meeting reminders and event information is now a cinch!  You will notice the new meeting reminder email feature on each meeting plan.  Simply click on a link and a reminder email is automatically created with information about the location, date, time and an overview of the meeting content.  This awesome new feature also allows you to add the coordinating meeting aids or any of our online forms as attachments, cutting down on the need for printing and saving you time.

Troop Activity Tracking

This new feature, which is located on each meeting plan, allows you to record meeting attendance.  When clicking on the link you will see a list of all your troop members.  With this convenient new feature, you can take attendance on your phone instead of having to keep paper records, or even worse try to remember days or weeks later who was there for a particular meeting.  The best part – all meeting attendance and earned awards are tracked by girl under the “My Troop” tab.  How cool is that?

At Girl Scouts – NC Coastal Pines, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to manage the logistics so you can focus on the girls and having fun.  Log in today to MY GS today to plan and organize your Girl Scout year with ease – it’s just that simple. Login into the VTK and experience this awesome new features yourself!


Finding Inspiration through Girl’s Leadership

September 28, 2015

Summer Leadership Camp

By Katie Hug, Community Impact Intern at the United Way of the Greater Triangle

For the past six years, Girl Scouts – NC Coastal Pines has partnered with the United Way of the Greater Triangle to host Summer Leadership Camp where under-resourced girls spend a week of resident camp at Camp Mary Atkinson at no cost to them. In addition to traditional camp activities such as swimming, boating, and archery – activities many of these girls experience for the first time – this camp is unique in its focus on building life and leadership skills.

Campers take part in sessions that help them build their self-confidence, learn how to form and maintain healthy relationships, define their value system, and understand the importance of giving back to their communities – knowledge crucial to helping these girls see beyond their current situations. To help inspire the girls to achieve goals made during camp, businesswomen and community volunteers mentor the girls on their Take Action projects. This summer, I had the unique opportunity to serve as a mentor for one of the campers.

When I drove up through the gravel driveway to Camp Mary Atkinson I was reflecting on my years as a Girl Scout and the summers I spent at Camp Hardee and In Bath, NC, horseback riding and sailing. I walked up to the camp leadership center and the past the flag pole thinking, “I hope these girls have had as much fun and personal growth this week as I had when I went to Girl Scout camp”.

The cafeteria was loud with the chatter and laughter of new friendships forming and meals being shared. I was quickly ushered to a table with other professional women and we introduced ourselves as we passed around mashed potatoes and began to wonder in unison what our afternoon might look like. After a brief overview of the afternoon it was time to meet my camper.

As I waited patiently for my name to be called I thought about how the only thing I knew about her was that she wanted to become a young leader around ending child abuse. We met eyes and I shook her hand, she was nervous, but so was I. We found comfortable chairs and I asked her about herself and how camp was going and she insistently stared down towards her lap.

She stopped me mid question and asked, “Why do I need a mentor?” I was of course caught off guard, but I thought cautiously about the most honest thing I could say. I replied after a few moments of thought, “Well maybe you don’t need a mentor, but I need a mentor, and I seek out my mentors each day”. She thought about this for a moment, and thankfully she realized I was genuine and she became disarmed and smiled.

We may not have spoken enough about her leadership plans or goals, but we enjoyed one another’s company as she told me about her family and friends and what was important to her. At the end she had said goodbye and within a minute she came back to hug me. I wasn’t sure who got more out of the conversation, but I left camp feeling whole.

Summer Leadership Camp was made possible in part by grants from AAUW, Eddie and Jo Allison Smith Family Foundation, Greenville Noon Rotary Club, Harold H. Bate Foundation, M&F Bank, North Carolina Community Foundation and its affiliates, NC EMC, RA Bryan Foundation, Rockingham Rotary Club, Sonitrol, United Way of the Greater Triangle Women’s Leadership Council, and many others. Nearly 100 middle school girls were able to attend Summer Leadership Camp at no cost to them because of the generosity of these donors and other friends of Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines. We are so grateful to them and to all the mentors and facilitators who participated in this year’s camp. To find out about how you can participate with Summer Leadership Camp next year, please email Emily Hill  or call 919-600-6347.


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