Thinking outside Box: beyond the traditional troop

August 18, 2014

By Ivonne Ibarra-Guajardo, Recruitment Director Cumberland County

Girl Scouts - NC Coastal Pines MultiLevel TroopJuliette Gordon Low had a grand vision for girls when she gathered the first group of Girl Scouts together in 1912. At that time, world was a different place for girls. Many extracurricular activities for girls were simply not offered. Low wanted more for girls – she believed that building strong girls would build a stronger world. And she was right about that!

Since that first meeting, opportunities for girls have grown both around the world and in here Girl Scouts. Girls are meeting every day with their Girl Scout troops all over the country and all over the world. Following the same values Juliette Gordon Low established over 100 years ago, the Girl Scout program offers opportunities for all girls ages 5-17 (grades K-12). In addition to the traditional troop model, Girl Scouts – NC Coastal Pines also offer two addition troop experiences – multi-level and co-op troops.

Our multi-level troops host a combination of Girl Scouts of varying grade-levels. This particular troop model often has many valuable benefits for its members and meets the needs of many volunteers and girls. A multi-troop environment allows girls to make new friends and interact with girls of different ages. Older girls in the troop have the opportunity to put their leadership skills into action as they mentor the younger troop members.

Sherry Weeks, who has been a multi-level troop leader the last four years, states it best: “Convenience. I have 2 daughters, one Brownie and one Junior. It became increasingly difficult getting them both to meetings and events because they met at different times. It made sense for me to switch to a multi-level troop.”

In Girl Scouts, we value a volunteer experience is easy, flexible, and most of all – fun! Our co-operative model distributes troop leadership equally. Each parent/caregiver of a girl in the troop agrees to coordinate one meeting during the year. Cooperatively, this team of adult volunteers leads the troop through the Journey and badge work, product sales, and other Girl Scout adventures. Co-op troops truly embody the spirit of teamwork to get the job done!

And what job could be better than helping girls discover friendship, follow the fun, and grow stronger together. With a variety of troop models, it’s easier than ever to lead. Start the fun and become a Girl Scout today! Use event code 367F22 when registering online to be entered to win an iPad!*

*Must be first time, new member and registered by 9/30/14 to be eligible to win.



Girl Scouts and Churches Join Together to Help Girls Become their Very Best!

August 11, 2014

By Brooke Banson, Volunteer Recruitment Director

Girl Scouts and Faith

Mix in one package Girl Scout Leadership Experience, a heaping serving of generosity and commitment to values-centered activities (that’s where our faith organization partners come in), and what do you get? Girls of courage, confidence and character, who change the world!

Who knew a small, simple room with tables, chairs, and fluorescent lighting could make such a big difference in the lives of so many girls? All over the Girl Scout – NC Coastal Pines council, churches have opened their hearts and doors to Girl Scout troops in need of a place to meet. St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Raleigh is one of them. They host both troop meetings and ceremonies for girls, and service unit meetings for volunteers. Winterville Baptist Church helps give girls the opportunity to participate in Girl Scout programs like Girls Go Tech, a science program for middle school Girl Scouts!

Every day, Girl Scouts follow the fun, do what they love, and create connections that last a lifetime.

Cynthia M., a lifetime member of Girl Scouts, has served as a leader for five Girl Scout Troops (wow!) and as the Scouting Organization Representative at Cumberland United Methodist Church. She believes that churches have an important part to play in helping Girl Scouts learn to be faithful servants to their community.

Reverend McLawhorn of Proctor Memorial Church in Grimesland says that his church is opening its doors to an additional Girl Scout Troop and supporting efforts to promote Girl Scouting and recruit new members. How fantastic is that?! He adds, “I have three young granddaughters who attend church with me, and I have served on the Pitt County Boy Scout Committee for several years. It is important to me as a pastor that my church maintains a strong and sustainable Scouting program.” We couldn’t agree more.

The Girl Scout identified Keys to Leadership—Discover, Connect, and Take Action—mesh well with the values of the faith organizations that sponsor our troops. It’s a natural fit. We understand that religious instruction is the responsibility of parents and religious leaders and have been encouraging girls to participate in faith-based programs since 1912. It’s a part of who we are!

We are an inclusive organization that relies on strong partnerships with faith-based organizations to help girls explore their personal faith and become strong vibrant women. Has your place of worship been invited to join forces with us to help shape the next generation of proactive, passionate women, who make the world a better place?

You can be the one to make that happen! Reach out, share our story, and invite your faith community to be a part of it. Ready to join in on all the Girl Scout fun? Register your girl or as a volunteer online by 9/30/14 and use event code 367F22 to be entered to win an iPad.*

*First time, new members only are eligible to win.



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