Teens Take Action in Girl Leadership Programming

December 28, 2015

Teen Girl Scouts
By Eileen Miller, Program Director

Who helps teen girls develop important skills such as resourceful problem solving?
What helps teen girls recognize what they can do well and become better team members?
Where can teenagers find opportunities to make a lasting impact in their communities?
How can girls engage in activities all year round to help build their leadership skills?

That’s right – Girl Scouts!

Teen girls, ages 13-18, can Discover, Connect, and Take Action through a variety of opportunities across Girl Scouts – NC Coastal Pines 41-county footprint. Through discovery, girls find out who they are, what they care about, and what their talents are. Girls make connections as they collaborate with others locally and globally making a difference in the world. By taking action, Girl Scouts MAKE the world a better place.

How, you may ask? Through their participation in fun and innovating programming such as…

Legacy Quest: Girls learn leadership strategies that can be used in everyday life and guidance on proper responses when interacting with others.

Program Aide Core and Specialty trainings: Girls learn how to collaborate with younger girls, an important skill that is part of everyday life.

Volunteer in Training: Helps teens gain confidence, knowledge and expertise to hold leadership positions now and into the future.

MarineQuest: Provides girls with the opportunity to learn about a variety of skills in marine science. It is hands-on experiential learning!

American Red Cross Babysitting, First Aid and CPR workshop: Teens learn about accident prevention, emergency response, general child and infant care. Girls learn how to help each other and others.

And we can’t forget Girl Scouting’s Highest Awards!

The Girl Scout Silver and Gold Awards represent the highest achievements in Girl Scouting. Teens have the opportunity to “Take Action” in their community making a sustainable difference with local and global links. And maybe someday being recognized as a National Young Woman of Distinction. It takes initiative, commitment and drive, but Girl Scouts are up to the challenge, and the trainings and programs they’ve engaged in along their journey will help them obtain these goals.

And Much, Much, More!
Visit our online Events Calendar to check out all the great programming available for teens and register for an opportunity today!

Not yet a Girl Scout. Don’t delay, start your leadership journey and join today!

Think girls may be too busy? Teenage girls will want to make time to connect with peers making friends and experiencing new things. Girl Scouts is the preeminent organization for teenage girls developing their leadership and problem solving skills preparing them to be the leaders of tomorrow. Tell a friend!


Every Girl has a Girl Scout Story to Share!

December 21, 2015

Girl Scout Story - North Carolina

To celebrate the end of another wonderful year of Girl Scouts, we wanted to take the time to express our thanks to all of the wonderful donors who make a difference in the lives of girls, the community, and our world!  What better way for us to do this than to share the stories we hear every day about the impact Girl Scouting has? This blog is part two of a three-part series where we will be sharing the stories of our donors, our girls, and you!

In part one, we started by recognizing a few of our donors who, through their investment in girls, are changing our world. Because we realize that our words don’t always express all of our gratitude, we wanted to share some stories of Girl Scouts and their parents who have benefited from your support.

“My daughter, Licia, was a painfully shy five-year-old when I took her to a Girl Scout program offered free of charge at our local community center. As a single mom on work disability, I thought I couldn’t afford for Licia to participate. But, as I watched her interact with other girls in this safe space, I knew I had to get involved. Through the help of financial assistance, staff encouragement, volunteer support, and cookie sales, Troop 1877 became our Girl Scout home for 13 years. Now Licia is attending early college and hoping to pursue her law degree next. Just imagine: that shy girl hiding behind her mom now wants to argue a case in front of a judge! What Girl Scouts can do!” – Ursula, Troop Leader

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving my daughter, Melody, the opportunity to see what the world has to offer—that there is more in life as a child than homework, chores, and hardship. She is only used to hearing ‘we can’t afford that.’ To be able to tell my daughter that she can have all the fun she can handle for a week has been an opportunity and a blessing. The scholarship Melody received to Girl Scout camp has meant more to us than anything else since she was born.” –Stephanie, Girl Scout Mom

“Through my years as a Girl Scout camper, and then as a camp counselor, I learned the responsibilities of time management, programming for younger girls, safety, and balance of work and play. Now as a Residence Advisor in a college dorm, I am using the skills learned through Girl Scouting for team building and mentoring other young women.” – Jhalia, Adult Member

“Camila is an introvert but has really come out of her shell with Girl Scouts – it has changed her life for the better and has made her confident.”– Patty, Girl Scout Mom

The thing I love about Girl Scouts is that the girls are in control, and everyone has a say in important situations. Even younger Scouts can do things that they would never have done before.” Jodie, Cadette

“As a girl, Girl Scouts gave me the skills to be a better citizen and to be prepared to run my own company. Now, I am giving back by guiding the next generation of 13 middle school Girl Scouts in Troop 190. We are a diverse troop: several of the girls have special needs and some are from under-served households. The girls lead all the activities – many of them trying things they never would have done before. From community service projects to troop travel to outdoor adventures, these experiences are helping the girls address obstacles in their lives and giving them leadership opportunities to move strongly into their future. I’m so proud of my Girl Scouts.” – Tina, Troop Leader

 “The best thing about Girl Scouts is watching the joy on the girls’ faces when teaching them something new, taking them on a field trip, or just the happiness they have just being at meetings. I love making an impression on their lives and hope that the girls in my troop will always remember the great times we have had.” Tara, Volunteer

“Girl Scouts gives me the chance to try new things, enjoy nature and make new friends. I love being a Girl Scout.” Becca, Junior

“I love Girl Scouts because it gives my sister Ada and me confidence! In Girl Scouts, you can challenge yourself, even when you’re a “kidet” like me! You learn new things, and when you work hard, you get rewards for your troop!

I love that in Girl Scouts, I can express my individuality! I can not only teach the littler ones, but I also learn from them to look at a topic from different angles. Girl Scouts has given me confidence I never knew I had before.” – Asia and Ada, sisters and Girl Scouts

These stories tell just a few of the many ways that Girl Scouting has made a difference in the lives of girls—and we want to hear more of them!  Send us your story and help girls tell theirs by making a tax-deductible contribution to Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines. You can give online, via mail, in any of our Council Shops, or by phone at 919-600-6315. We can’t wait to hear your Girl Scout story!


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