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August 10, 2015

By Brooke Banson, Recruitment Director 

Happiness, fun, friends and confidence. You’ll find this and more with Girl Scouts.  Imagine the smiles, the excitement, the memories made – those the moments are endless here at Girl Scouts – NC Coastal Pines.  Whether you are a troop co-leader planning meetings or working behind-the-scenes to provide awesome experiences for girls locally, a Girl Scout volunteer is a cheerleader and a mentor. Be the role model she’ll always remember.

Volunteer with Girl Scouts!

Ready to Volunteer?

It’s easy! Volunteering with Girl Scouts is flexible, encouraging and rewarding.  It’s for young and old, stay-at-home moms and working moms, those without kids of their own, someone who was never a Girl Scout, and even men!

88% of our volunteers believe that THEIR LIFE IS BETTER because they volunteer with Girl Scouts.

By sharing the Girl Scouts experience with girls and other volunteers, you’ll be the role model she needs and together, challenge yourself with new activities and create lasting memories.

With Girl Scouts, you can:

  • Become a Troop Co-leader – Help ensure every girl who wants to be a Girl Scout can. We need more leaders! This is our greatest need. Volunteers as a Troop Co-leader allows more girls to participate in Girl Scouting.
  • Serve on our Service Unit – Service Unit is Girl Scout jargon; it’s our way of saying local community. You’ll work with other adult volunteers in your community to provide troops support and build the Girl Scout experience in your town as an Event Director or Area Cookie Manager.
  • Join a Troop of your own – You can join a troop as an adult. Find a troop that meets at a time convenient with your schedule and help them as a troop volunteer. You can serve as Troop Treasurer to manage their finances or help them explore the great outdoors as a Camp Certified Adult.

Need a little more convincing? Check this out…

Girls are happier, have more fun, make new friends and are grow in confidence as a Girl Scout!  How awesome is that?! Volunteering with Girl Scouts means that you are helping to shape a girl’s future – you are helping girls become the leaders they are meant to be. And who doesn’t want to be a part of that?

Volunteer with Girl Scouts!

Learn more about becoming a Girl Scout volunteer!


Rockin’ and Rollin’ with the Girl Scout Help Desk

August 3, 2015

COSS - Girl Scouts - NC Coastal Pines Help Desk


By The Customer Support Team – Girl Scouts – NC Coastal Pines

As we reach the last of the lazy, hazy days of summer, it is time for a new Girl Scout year to begin. And the Girl Scouts – NC Coastal Pines Help Desk wants to make sure you roll through registration/renewal with ease so the start to your Girl Scout year rocks!

Currently when you log into CORE, you can only register for camps, events and trainings. If you are a Troop Co-leader you also have the ability to look at your order history along with your family and troop information. However, you can no longer register for the upcoming Girl Scout year in CORE.

That’s where “My GS” comes in!  Once you have become a registered member you will receive an email notification granting you access to the My GS community. If you are a returning member looking to renew your membership, you will use the My GS community to renew you and your girls (as a parent/caregiver or troop leader) all from one easy tab!

If you have not already done so, you will first need to set up a personal account through “Member Community.” You will then be able to complete your membership registration/renewal for your family and your troop(s) in My GS. When processing your renewals you have a few options: Family renewal, Adult renewal, and Girl Renewal. Troop renewal is available for Troop Co-leaders only through September 30, 2015.

Are you happy with your troop selection for everyone in the family? Yes! Then choose the family renewal tab. If you would like to change troops, then use Adult or Girl renewal to complete the process.  Troop Co-leaders can use the My Troop tab to renew their troop.

So if you begin to have a little trouble with remembering where to complete your registration, here is a little limerick to help:

I know it can be such a bore,

when you’re trying to register

your membership through CORE.

Please do not be in distress,

We can help you through My GS.

The Help Desk is here to answer any questions you may have from registration issues to Girl Scout Gold Awards. So if you are stumped, don’t worry!  All you need to do is: ASK! And you will Acquire Superior Knowledge.

Don’t wait! Contact our friendly help desk with your questions. You are sure to receive a satisfying answer. Call us now at 800-284-4475 or email us at helpdesk@nccoastalpines.org today!


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