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“Dive In” to the 2014 Fall Sale

September 9, 2014

By Amy Vitale, Product Sales Manager

Girl Scouts - NC Coastal Pines Fall Sale

Our “Be Active! Dive In!” Fall Product sale here at Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines kicks off on Friday, October 3.  Troops and individual Girl Scouts can sell magazine subscriptions (new and renewals) and nuts and candy to earn money for their Girl Scout experience.  This year, our online store will also feature Ashdon Farm’s full line of nuts and candies.

Not ready to Dive In yet? Here are ten reasons that may help you take the plunge:

  1. Recharge your Troop Bank Account! An average troop earns $200 in proceeds during the 3 weeks of Fall Sale. Troops who participate will have money in the bank by the end of October.
  2. Area Bonus Money! Local areas can earn up to 5% of their total sales. Several areas have received over $1000 on top of what their troops earned. This extra cash can help pay for rallies, popup tents for cookie booths, and end of the year banquets.
  3. New Photo Keepsakes! This year’s sale offers a great way to help people share their memories with personalized photo keepsakes like photobooks, holiday cards, and calendars using the photos they have stored on computers, mobile devices, Facebook and Instagram.
  4. Warm Up for the Cookie Sale! The Fall Sale is a great opportunity to teach new Girl Scouts how to manage a product sale on a smaller scale than the Cookie Sale. For our seasoned Girl Scouts, it is a great way to get them excited for Cookies!
  5. Support Local! The holidays are right around the corner and why not support the Girl Scouts in your troop and council by shopping with them. Magazine subscriptions and the yummy nuts and candy have always made great holiday gifts plus our new Keepsake Photo items make great personalized gifts.
  6. Support the Troops! Treats for Troops is in its fourth year and we have already sent 7,000 treats to our military troops. Let’s continue to show our support and send even more treats from home.
  7. Recognitions! Not only can girls earn cumulative recognitions like our adorable plush otters, Cashew and Peanut, but also Top Seller medals, Journey Books, and gift cards to their favorite restaurants.
  8. Patches! Sell 3 magazines/Photo Keepsake items and 10 nut or candy items to receive three interlocking patches. 5 Treats for Troops sales earns a patch. And another patch can be earned just be sending 12 email invitations to shop your online store. How easy is that?
  9. The 5 Skills! The Fall Sale is part of our Financial Literacy Program in Girl Scouts. Give your girls a brighter future by providing them opportunities to set goals, make decision, manage money, interact with customers, and learn business ethics.
  10. Get a Free Troop Photo Yearbook! All Girl Scout Troops that have 30% or more of their registered girls participating in the Fall Sale, will receive a certificate for a FREE photobook. Have fun with your girls as you create your own Troop Yearbook!

With so many reasons to support the Fall Sale, how could you not? Visit our Fall Sale page on our website or email to get started. We look forward to your support!


Paving the Way to Courage, Confidence and Character

August 31, 2014

By Lori Winkelstein – Lifetime Girl Scout

10 amazing Girl Scout women have set the standards for my life. Most of them worked full time, kept their families running smoothly and still had time for Girl Scouting. Their examples along with a lot of love and caring have helped to establish my personal character.

I have chosen to purchase a brick for each of these 10 women to help honor who they are, their impact on my life and their passionate commitment to Girl Scouts.

The first four are for my troop leaders as I was growing up in Missouri – Lee Wilkerson, Sharon Pike, Jane Casati and Sharon Garrett! Each of these women provided me with opportunities that I never would have had otherwise. I can still remember the first campfire I lit! I pitched my own tent and slept in it – then re-staked it in the middle of the night when it fell down. I learned to steer my canoe! I had to eat my own cooking! The icing on the cake was when my Girl Scout Senior troop went to Our Chalet in Switzerland! I never would have had the chance to travel to outside the US without my Girl Scout opportunities. These four brick represent how Girl Scouts has given me courage to continue to try new things.

The next four bricks are in honor of my wonderful mentors as an adult volunteer with Girl Scouts – NC Coastal Pines – Sally Gill, Gwen Harker, Rachelle Deats and Dottie Gilbert. Each of these women has helped me along my path and guided me to be better in all the roles I have had in Girl Scouting. These four bricks represent how Girl Scouts has given me confidence to make a difference in my world.

Mary Daly is a life-long Girl Scout friend, we started Girl Scouts together 44 years ago and we are both still actively involved. Her brick represents the life-long relationships you gain in Girl Scouting.

And lastly, the final brick is in honor of Sasha, my daughter. She has given me a chance to re-live my personal Girl Scout experiences as she has made her own discoveries through Girl Scouting. Not only have I grown as a Girl Scout, but have had the honor and privilege to see her grow into a young woman of courage, confidence and character.

Each of these women, have help pave the way to the person I am today – and I am grateful. For me, dedicating a brick in the Camp Graham campfire circle was a wonderful way to honor these fabulous women who have helped me become a better person.

Do you have a special Girl Scout in your life? Someone who helped you in a way you’ll never forget? Purchase a commemorative brick for the Camp Graham Fire Circle in their honor and help us build a foundation for our girls’ success for many years come. Don’t forget to join Lori by becoming a Girl Scout volunteer and giving back to girls in your community! Use event code 367F22 when you register and be entered to win an iPad!*

*First time, new members only are eligible to win. Must register by 9/30/14 to qualify.


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