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Citizen Science Series: Building a Rain Garden

December 15, 2013

By Kristin Yerkie, Camp staff

group photo with dirtTen Girl Scouts are participating in Girl Scout – NC Coastal Pines’ Citizen Science series program which focuses on soil science and the impact eroded soil has as a stream pollutant in North Carolina. This fall, the girls have met with scientists and local engineers to learn about causes and costs of erosion while developing their own plan for a rain garden at Camp Mary Atkinson in Selma, NC.

In their first session, the girls met with Amanda “Dirt” Leisch a Soil Science PhD student at NC State University to build their own 3D model of the Leadership Center at Camp Mary Atkinson and the surrounding grounds using kinetic sand. This project allowed the girls to test out different shapes and designs for their rain garden.

The girls then met with wetland scientist from Sepi Engineering, Shawn Clark, fish and wildlife biologist with US Fish and Wildlife Service, JohnAnn Shearer, and conservation incentives program director with NCDENR, Scott Pohlman. The local professionals explained their design and implementation process for the rain garden they built.

The second session brought the girls out to Camp Mary Atkinson where they got down and dirty! Using augers the girls took soil samples of several locations and saw firsthand the different levels of soil that exist beneath the surface. There is an entire history underneath our feet every day and these Girl Scouts certainly had to put all their energy into digging it up.

Session three brought the girls to the research grounds of NC State University. The girls tested which covering would provide the best filtering for their rain garden by using a rain simulator. The next experiment taught the girls about polyachrilamide, PAM for short. This substance is used to assist in the filtering of water by adhering to the particles in the water and making them clump together.

imaging software2The team then got to use state of the art technology in the Tangible GIS Visualization lab. Using the 3D model they had created a couple sessions previously, the kinetic sand and the Kinnect imaging software, they tested which shape would lead to the most filtration and decrease in polluted runoff from the Leadership Center.

During these first sessions the girls learned a great deal about the science behind building their own rain garden. They couldn’t wait for their final two sessions where they would create their final design and submit it to the engineers for approval. They are truly Citizen Scientists in action!


Remembering Our Fellow Girl Scout Sisters

December 14, 2013

By Destiny O., Girl Board Member

On December 14, 2012, Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut lost 26 people in a tragic shooting. Those lost included twelve young girls and eight young boys, ages six and seven, along with six amazing women who worked at the school. Eight of the young girls were Girl Scouts; eight of our young and beautiful Daisy sisters. After reading the letter from our CEO, Anna Maria Chavez, I sat down and wrote a poem in honor of our fallen Girl Scout sisters.

As this day marks the one-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook tragedy, I wanted to share my poem with all of you as we stop to honor all of the victims and work together to rebuild the community.

 Angels from Sandy Hook Elementary

By: Destiny O.

Girl Scouts big and Girl Scouts small,
Because of this tragedy we must answer the call.
We must remember our sisters who didn’t make it through,
They will always be in our hearts because they wore the color blue.
Each daisy flower is delicate and unique in its own way,
Which is how our Daisy Girl Scouts are each and every day.
In heaven these girls proudly wear their vest,
Our little Girl Scout angels are surely the best.
As each Girl Scout follows her path she must never fuss,
Because all of our little Girl Scout angels will be watching over us.
Leading us through each promise, law, and song,
Our angels were definitely courageous and strong.
They are an example to every angel inside heaven’s gate,
This is why we will always remember the date.



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