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Generations of Impact: How 25 years of services led to $20,000 for girls

June 11, 2014

Emily Hill, Director of Individual Giving

Girl Scouts Pinning AlumnaeThe day before Mothers’ Day had me driving up to Annapolis, Maryland for a very special reason. Friends of Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines, Bob Schmitz and Amy Csorba, had made a gift in honor or Amy’s 80-year-old mother, Sue, and we were about to surprise her with a small celebration in her honor.

The story of this visit traces back to Amy and Bob sorting through Mrs. Csorba’s things after the death of her husband in January 2014. Among the many family heirlooms, Amy found photographs, mementos, and badges – Girl Scout memorabilia that reminded Amy of her mother’s passion for the organization.

Sue “Skipper” Csorba was a Girl Scout leader in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s in Annapolis. During her almost 25 years of involvement, Sue led her daughters’ troops and later helped other troops organize camping, hiking, and outdoor adventures. She served with a cadre of co-leaders, many of whom were to join us in the celebration.

Honoring Sue’s passion to provide outdoor experiences for all girls was very important to Bob and Amy. Sue was committed to giving girls outdoor experiences, and determined to have an inclusive troop of girls from all races, incomes, and family situations – even going so far as to provide transportation to girls who needed it. With a $20,000 gift, Bob and Amy established the Sue “Skipper” Csorba Scholarship Fund to send 80 girls to NC Coastal Pines summer camps over the next 10 years. These full scholarships would go to girls with the greatest financial need, and preference would be made for girls who had never been to camp before.

Sue now lives in a retirement community, outside of Annapolis, where the celebration was to be held. The small gathering included the family, co-leaders from Sue’s troops, and friends from the Central Maryland Girl Scout Council.

proclamationMany tears were shed and memories shared, as the scrapbooks and memorabilia were passed around. My favorite was an official proclamation written to look like the Declaration of Independence by Troop 231 in 1967 that claimed Sue to be the GREATEST Girl Scout Leader A Girl Ever Had. The proclamation goes on to say:

“She taught us all about arts & crafts, first aid, singing, dancing, hiking, nature trails, the fun of camping, and the good feelings of sharing a campfire with friends. She brought out the best in us, as an individual and as a member of a troop and prepared us to do our best as we grew to adulthood. Her actions exemplified the ideals of the Girl Scout Motto & Laws, to her troop and to the community.”

With these summer camp scholarships, Sue will continue to make a big impact on girls for many more years. We are so grateful to her, to Bob and Amy, and to all the Girl Scout leaders who help grow our girls into amazing women.

To make a gift in honor of the leader that inspired you, or to find out more about the Sue “Skipper” Csorba Scholarship Fund, please contact me via email or 1-800-284-4475. Thanks.



What Did Girl Scouts Mean to You and Me?

March 28, 2011

As we are getting ready for Girl Scouts 100th birthday, it has given me an opportunity to reflect on my own “career” as a Girl Scout.  I first started as a Brownie and continued through my senior year in high school.  As I have relived many of my Girl Scout experiences over the past six months, I have come to realize two things:  1) Girl Scouts taught me things I never would have had the chance to learn otherwise and 2) Girl Scouts really made me fearless.

Girl Scouts has taught me many things and provided me with many experiences I never would have had otherwise.  And I will tell you that that is saying a lot because I come from a very active family.  However,when I think about all the great adventures that our Girl Scout troop had, I just get a big smile on my face.  There were the big adventures such as the high ropes course or the spelunking or the sailing trips, but there were also small things that I never even thought about…the public speaking we did within our troop or the giving back to our community through volunteer efforts or figuring out how to eat for the weekend on a very small budget.

Now, I know you are thinking “fearless” is a pretty strong word…and it is, but it is the only word that really captures what I am trying to say.  When I was a kid, I completely lacked self-confidence.  I lived in the shadow of an intelligent and gregarious older brother who really didn’t have to try hard to achieve anything and I never thought I was good enough.  But through the safe environment that was built within my Girl Scout troop, I felt secure enough to let my guard down, try new things and learn about myself that would have taken me years to do without Girl Scouts.  Today, I am (for the most part) fearless…I am not afraid to try and fail or succeed!   If you don’t believe me, come by my house and see the pergola that I built!  And I went curling a few weeks ago – oh what fun!

The bottom line is that Girl Scouts prepared me to be the person that I am today…prepared, confident, honest and committed.  I bet if you take 30 minutes to think about your time in Girl Scouts, the great memories and understanding how Girl Scouts prepared you for adulthood and citizenship will come flooding back.  So armed with that knowledge, wouldn’t you want to stay engaged in the movement?   Much like when you were a girl, Girl Scouts can provide you a plethora of opportunities as an alumnae!  So join us…and share your experience, strength and vision with our girls for our future!

Please go to and register to you can stay informed as to what is going on with Girl Scouts as we charge into our second century!

~Tracy Sternberg

Chief Development Officer

Girl Scouts – NC Coastal Pines


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